Mauro Cecchin

With an advertising and publishing career that began in 1998, Mauro brings a wealth of experience, a passion for design and a killer eye for detail to every project he touches. Mauro’s experience includes two years in a London advertising agency, a stint with well-known specialist publishing company, DG magazine, and a graphic design degree.

Since joining Adcorp in 2007 Mauro has produced the Everyday Living campaign refresh featuring Livinia Nixon, the more recent Bourke/Elizabeth South Tower campaign, and many other successful campaigns, design projects and branding exercises across brochures, catalogues, TV, internet and photography. Mauro is an asset for all our clients. (Watch out for his forehand, he'll wipe you off the tennis court if you’re up for a challenge!).

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Mauro Cecchin

Senior Graphic Designer - Melbourne

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  • Mauro Cecchin

    Mauro Cecchin

    Senior Graphic Designer

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