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Social Media Statistics December 2012, Australia and New Zealand

Top 15 Social Media Sites December 2012


Happy New Year and Welcome to 2013!

As the final month of what was a big year in social media, December’s statistics remained consistent with previous months; the Big 6 (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram) remained steady or rising, with the remaining platforms on a steady decline. 

Blog platforms Tumblr and WordPress saw a slight drop in December which can be attributed to the holiday period; users have left work and are using social media for personal reasons rather than writing and reading content from blogs.  

Last month we talked about the introduction of photo filters on Facebook and Twitter and how this could affect Instagram. Instagram’s numbers were up this month (as they were for Facebook and Twitter); however, according to App Data the number of visitors to Instagram is falling day by day. Look out for our Social Media Statistics blog posts over the next few months for an update on how this develops. 

Moving into another year opens up the opportunity to review 2012 in terms of social media. After 6 blogs on Social Media Statistics in the last 6 months there have been some sizeable changes. Most notably:

  • Instagram in New Zealand has experienced almost 1200% growth since July and over 70% in Australia
  • Bebo has declined by over 50% in Australia and over 80% in New Zealand over the six month period 
  • Tumblr has grown by over 120% in both Australia and New Zealand.

The graph below shows the growth or decline in users per platform from July to December 2012. 

Graph: Change in Social Media Users per platform July-December

So what may happen in 2013? 

  • Facebook users are going to continue to be dissatisfied and usage will start to decline. Watch out: Pinterest and Instagram are coming through. 
  • Google Plus is going to grow. While it may never be as big as Facebook has been, its benefits as a centralised hub for Google users cannot be overlooked. 
  • Social media is going to become more about brands. More brands are going to be using more platforms and integrating them. In turn social media will become more about making money with platforms introducing more ways for brands to advertise. Facebook has already been making some drastic changes, but keep your eyes peeled for things like paid Pinterest ads.  
  • Visual will be key with videos and images being more important for higher levels of engagement on all platforms.
These are my predictions: how do you think 2013 will pan out in social media? Do you have the inside scoop on a new platform?

Contact us through your favourite platform; we would love to hear from you!

Written and collated by Nicola Friedlieb, Digital Coordinator

Images by Patrick Galvin, Graphic Designer






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