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Social Media Statistics February 2013, Australia and New Zealand.

Top 15 Social Media Site February 2013


Hello and welcome to your monthly instalment of Social Media Stats!

Like Sandy and Danny, the end of summer seems to have brought an end to our love affair with Facebook. With the end of summer, it seems the love affair with Facebook may finally be coming to a close. For the second month in a row, the popular platform has seen a decrease in numbers in both Australia and New Zealand. 

Perhaps users now prefer to use the more niche platforms that are more focused on one aspect of Social Media. For example, LinkedIn is continuing to grow month on month as it focuses on professional networking; or Pinterest, also steadily increasing in both countries, which focuses solely on visual sharing; or Twitter,  which focuses on the ‘status’ (or “What’s on your mind?”) component of Facebook. Is the landscape of Social Media changing to users preferring to go to each of these platforms for each component, rather than to Facebook - the mother of all Social Media - which seems to combine facets of them all? 

Speaking of Twitter, the release of Vine at the end of January could be the reasoning behind the substantial growth in Australia this month.  The mobile app, built by Twitter, allows users to capture and share short (6 seconds or less) looping videos. 

A big surprise this month was a decrease in the usually steady YouTube and blog platforms, WordPress and Tumblr. Each of these platforms saw a decrease of 3% or 4% within Australia and New Zealand.

But the biggest surprise for February was Trip Advisor. It was the platform which saw the largest increase this month with 2.99% in New Zealand and 0.56% in Australia. After recording a steady decline over the last few months, the travel network has bounced back with more than a 75% global increase in traffic with Asia-Pacific being one of the fastest growing markets.   This has largely been due to its Facebook app as 32 million of its 44 million user base come via Facebook. This equates to 35% of Trip Advisor’s new reviews coming from its Facebook connected members. 

That’s it for the February update! See you in a month’s time for the review of Social Media Stats from March (who knows what that will bring!). 

And while you’re waiting, feel free to connect with us through your preferred platform! 







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