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Social Media Statistics January 2013, Australia and New Zealand

Top 15 Social Media Sites January 2012


Is it that time already? January 2013 has flown by with the new MySpace taking off and Facebook releasing Graph Search, but how did the other players stack-up in the Social Media Statistics stakes for Australia and New Zealand.
Interestingly, Facebook saw a drop in users this month, losing over 100,000 active users in Australia and almost 15,000 in New Zealand. Is this the beginning of the end for Facebook? Or will the awkwardly named “Graph Search” save the day?

The Social Media giant’s revenue has grown by 40%  ($1.585 billion) in the last financial quarter, reporting the number of daily mobile users of the site had outgrown traditional web usage.
Mobile growth has helped Facebook report such a hike in revenue as it saw its monthly mobile users grow by 57% year-on-year to reach 680 million. This news hasn’t helped its stock, however, which is still down about 19% from its IPO price of $38. Learn more here.
YouTube numbers also decreased with a drop of over 200,000 in Australia. In contrast, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Pinterest and Instagram all experienced significant growth this month. Perhaps Aussies and Kiwi’s have been spending their  Summer holidays  in the air conditioning updating their profiles and hanging out on  Social Media? 
We keep telling you to watch out for the increase in MySpace numbers; well, the time has come. MySpace grew by almost 14,000 users in Australia and over 8,000 in New Zealand in January. 
Perhaps, these are Facebook defectors checking out the stylish new platform?
And what about Google+? Despite hiding in the shadows for most of 2012, Global Web Index reports that Google+ grew by 27% to 343 million active users in Q4 of 2012 to become the second biggest social platform. This now means that 25% of the world’s global Internet population actively uses Google+. While an impressive figure, it hardly compares to Facebook which has 51% of the world’s active Internet users on a monthly basis. 
Using the global stat of 343 million users on Google+, we can estimate for our own region. Google+ users would equate to approximately 3,450,000 in Australia and 860,000 in New Zealand. 
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As the world becomes more and more mobile focused, as does our Social Media use. Users now use their mobile to check in on Facebook, Tweet, take a photo on Instagram and watch videos on YouTube.  YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all feature in the 40 most downloaded free apps on iTunes. 
What else do we use Apps for?

Infographic: Mobile Apps
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