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Social Media Statistics March 2013, Australia and New Zealand

Top Social Media Sites March 2013


I have two addictions; chocolate and Social Media. After a long weekend for Easter where the thought of chocolate now makes me feel sick, it is time to indulge my other addiction and look into the statistics for March for Social Media in Australia and New Zealand.

This month’s biggest loser was Flickr, which saw a loss of approximately 1 per cent in both countries.  

While still the number one platform in both countries, Facebook has experienced a slight decrease in numbers over the last few months. Twitter, a consistently top 5 platform, has also seen a decrease in both countries, even after celebrating its’ 7th birthday in March.

YouTube, consistently the second most popular platform across the Asia Pacific, hit 1 billion users worldwide in March.  And it doesn’t look like the video sharing site will slow down anytime soon; this can be attributed to the rise of smartphones. According to Mashable, Gen C/Gen Z/Next Generation, whichever terminology you prefer to use for the Generation after Gen Y, (which YouTube considers to be its core audience) now watch just as much YouTube content on smartphones as they do on PCs;  67% of Gen C watch YouTube on two devices or more, compared to 53% of the general population.

Interestingly Pinterest saw a drop in March for the first time since I have been reporting on Social Media statistics (July 2012). Another interesting drop was Trip Advisor in New Zealand following a massive jump in February.  

The platforms which saw the highest increase in users were WordPress and Tumblr in both countries. These blogging platforms have been experiencing plateauing over the last few months and therefore the big rise is most likely not evident of any trend. However, as Posterous will be shutting down at the end of April, more users will migrate their blogs to other popular platforms, such as WordPress and Tumblr.

As we move into April, I’m hoping my new favourite platform - Foursquare - will have a jump in users. What would you like to see?

Written and Collated by Nicola Friedlieb, Digital Coordinator






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