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A Brave New Digital World

World made out of the cord from a computer mouse


On March 27th I attended the launch of the Digital Brisbane strategy: a strategy document launched by Brisbane Marketing, which maps out a bold plan for our entire city to use digital technology to drive economic development and prosperity for local business and tourism.

It coincided neatly with another article I found earlier in the week, with a Boston Consulting Group survey showing Small to Medium Enterprises reluctance to invest their marketing spend online and confusion with how to take advantage of the advances in technology that would allow their businesses to sell to anyone, anywhere in the world.

And it got me thinking – what really is stopping SMEs from diving into this brave new digital world?

At our recent MarketSmart session (February 2013), we presented a comprehensive overview of current online advertising options. We looked at the market as a whole, what’s influencing its development, how online media can be bought, and what kind of targeting would be the most appropriate means to get the right message in front of the right person. We also focused on the rapidly emerging mobile market and presented a few challenging statistics about drop-off rates for non mobile- optimised campaigns and websites.

We’re not about selling advertising or even Adcorp’s services in these sessions – we’re about untangling the increasingly complicated world of online advertising, and making sure that our clients know what a good online campaign should have in it. At the very least, we’re trying to make sure that they are asking the right questions of campaigns when they are presented back for that all-important approval signature.

The Digital Brisbane launch event this morning had about 300 people all there to find out more about the developing online world, and what the big plan is. I, for one, am excited to be living in a city where big digital ideas are being discussed at these levels. Similarly, I’m excited to be having big digital conversations across advertising, web development and using video and modern communication tools to drive advertising expenditure to new levels of return for our clients.

We’re having these conversations at all levels, not just with SMEs and as our strategies are engaged and our recommendations are delivered, we’re seeing more effective advertising campaigns as a result.

It’s time to get excited and it's definitely time to engage in a brave new digital world.






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