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A day in the life… of an Adcorp Developer


Ever wondered what a web developer does - aside from entering the Matrix and drinking large amounts of coffee?    
At Adcorp the developers have quite a range of responsibilities and tasks. Our workload can vary from building high end, full featured websites to putting together web banners. As Adcorp offers such a breadth of digital products, services and strategies, we are often required to quickly jump between jobs so it’s important to keep organised and have excellent process and workflows.  
It’s all about process and workflow
We love processes and improving our workflow. Our ethos is work smarter, not harder. These days we automate tasks where possible. This includes testing, optimising code and even deploying code to production.   
Ultimately this means we can spend more time building cool things and taking projects to the next level. Automation is only one part of our ever improving workflow. We have a number of fail-safe systems in place to prevent the loss of work and to protect data.  
With all these processes and workflows in place you might think there is not much room for creativity or breaking out of the mould, but we love to amend the “rule book” as we go.  
A developer’s Job is never done
A complacent developer is a bad developer. The industry moves so quickly it’s important to stay abreast with the technology available to us. We’re excited to try new tools, frameworks and techniques. This on-going education allows us to offer our clients fast performing, modern websites and apps that are easily managed via a simple interface.   

What comes standard?
So process and workflow aside, what else do us “devs” get up to? What’s important to us? Well for me, it’s a strange sense of satisfaction I get when doing a job right. This means incorporating things that other agencies might consider as extras. Such as:
Inbuilt SEO at a semantic level 
Search engine optimisation ( SEO ) is a huge job in itself and can be divided into two parts. There is how the site/app is built and the on-going tweaks to content and meta to improve searchability. I’m going to be talking about the former and at Adcorp when we build a site we build it the way Google likes it. Without going into too much detail this basically means have the right tags/elements in the right places and we optimize for performance. 
A level of responsiveness 
Responsive refers to how the site scales across different screen sizes. This, as you can imagine, is more important everyday as mobile devices continue to become more popular. At a base level we offer this as standard. Basically we don’t want it to look terrible on any major device.  
Modern techniques
We love modern. While we understand and strive for compatibility across devices we want to give our clients (and their users) the best, high performing, easy to use experiences while using their websites. 

So you can see at Adcorp we value efficient processes and workflows, we never stop learning and we feel a job is not worth doing unless it’s done well. All in a day’s work.   
Gavin Jayness – Adcorp Web Developer





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