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A day in the life of…. an Adcorp Senior Account Manager (or Is Peter Overton God’s Brother?)


My 6 year old daughter, Jewel, asks if Peter Overton, who is a newsreader for Sydney's 6pm edition of Nine News, was God’s brother. An interesting question and one which puts a smile on my face. Jewel explained: God’s brother was someone warm with a friendly face and a nice tone to his voice. I decide to put that to the test at Adcorp. 
I’m based in our head office in Sydney – and you can imagine the hustle and bustle as soon you enter the office. I walk in with a smile on my face and field a handful of questions before I even sit down. If Peter Overton always has a smile, then so will I.
I log in and I already have 15 emails from Laura, our social media manager. I pick up the phone: ‘How are you Lovely? And how are your Girls….’ It’s important to treat our colleagues like family.
I have a meeting pencilled with one of my sales reps. I buy her a soy flat white with a hint of cinnamon and Manuka honey drizzled over it and learn all about the new buzz: ‘dark social’. 
Back at the office, my inbox has reached 80 unread emails. Peter Overton to the rescue… what would he do? SMILE… I put on my headset and work through them. It’s a trick to learn which emails are for me and need actioning, which are for me, but just need my eyes across them, and which are not relevant.
I have an internal meeting to discuss our strategy for a $2M account pitch. UMMMM… How does Peter Overton deliver a sleek, polished and genuine news read every night… Yes..he has a team. I grab our Media Strategist and our ever so composed Account Director Suzie and we head over to our local coffee shop. Ashstreet Cellars serve the best coffee. You walk into the store and you feel that you are taking a walk through Montmarte, the cobbled streets, the French ceilings and the different accents from the staff.

We are greeted by Jean Pierre who is the barista and he surprises us by serving us “dirty chai? This drink is decadent and sets the tone for our meeting. We discuss the strategy, the client’s KPI’s, objectives and execution platforms. The meeting runs for two hours, but I feel confident that the client would be happy with our recommendations.
I head back to the office and wrestle control of my inbox as well as typing up my notes from the meeting. There are so many moving parts to an advertising agency and so many of them run through an Account Manager. I need to keep things moving with responses internally and externally. We are the part that keeps everyone happy!
The end of the day approaches and I need to catch the train. I find a seat and thank the universe for my learnings from a 6 year old.  Working in a busy agency, dealing with internal and external stakeholders and different personalities can pull you in many directions. It’s important to keep a sense of purpose and calmness. 
I am wondering if I would pass as God’s cousin?





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