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Client Testimonial: Dermal Essence

Dermal Essence


It has been a long journey, bumpy and joyous at times but in the end very rewarding. Rekha first suggested in July 2012 that I should do a series of advertising campaigns to present my image and build up my reputation to the general population in Darwin.  

We started by placing adverts and editorials in Signature Living and then Darwin Life which led us to come up with a new logo. It took us a month as it was a challenge, it had to be about what I thought of my business and how I wanted to portray the business image - not just a beauty salon with flowers but a professional skin care clinic and hopefully in the future a Medi Spa. 
We started website in September and it is just fabulous beyond what I imagined.  This was really a lot of hard work with regular meetings to get all the information ready, follow guidelines and in the end just allow Regan from Adcorp to use his genius to put it all together.  Rekha was very patient and even when I thought this was too hard, she kept encouraging me to move forward. Thank you both Rekha and Regan it is a truly a fantastic piece of working art I am now so busy, it has been phenomenal with creating a new image and letting the public know about my services. I have a wonderful product that really delivers results and I needed to let the public know about it.

The hard work has paid off and I have won an award from Omniderm Pty Ltd my Product Suppliers; the "Most Outstanding Sole Operator Award". I attended regular training sessions in Perth and Melbourne to be able to deliver to you these wonderful results driven facial treatments. 
Thank you all for all your support to help make this happen!
Patricia Boehler, Dermal Essence





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