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The DCM’s June 2013 Social Media Round-Up


Real men never grow up, or maybe I need to get out more – or both – but I was excited, a little too excited, especially when I saw they had added Despicable Me stickers to Facebook. 
What follows is a more mature round-up for June’s changes in Social Media – first up and arguably the biggest change:

Instagram introduces video

In an effort to better its rival Vine, the Facebook owned image sharing platform has introduced short shareable movies with added features. The new Instagram features lets users record videos three to 15 seconds long and apply one of 13 new filters.

After a huge initial share of Twitter links, Vine’s share has dropped significantly after the launch of video on Instagram. On the day of the launch, Vine links declined from around 2.5 million to 1.5 million and have continued decreasing since.

Instagram links have remained fairly constant (despite Twitter’s blocking of in-tweet Instagram media) and are now higher than Vine’s for the first time in almost a month.
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Furthermore, Instagram recently introduced a new video recording mode called ‘Cinema’, which stabilises your video as you’re recording it, making sure your videos look as cinematic as possible – having tried and tested this new feature, I was impressed at the fluidity of the video stabilisation.
According to the company, developers worked with "video scientists" to create a custom image stabilisation product. It's meant to smooth shaky footage for a more professional, streamlined result. You can see the difference by selecting and de-selecting the "vibrate" icon during your edit.
Initially, Cinema Mode will only be available for iPhone users.

What’s the difference?

Vine is a more stripped-down service that records three to six-second videos, with no filters, editing or image stabilisation. Once a video is recorded, users can either save it, upload it or start from scratch.
Vine lets users easily share their videos on its dedicated social network, as well as on Twitter and Facebook; Instagram offers built-in sharing support for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Foursquare.

Can the rival services co-exist?

According Opus analyst Greg Sterling, they can because Instagram video and Vine serve different audiences.

Brian Blau, Gartner industry analyst, argues otherwise "Vine isn't necessarily Twitter, and Instagram isn't necessarily Facebook, but that doesn't mean these apps aren't part of the bigger collective [sites].”

Vine may be getting ready to offer some advanced features of its own. "Over the next few weeks, we'll be introducing some exciting new parts to Vine," developers recently said in a blog post. "This is just the beginning."

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Facebook lets you add images to comments

Facebook has included automatically-generated image previews when users post a URL in a comment, but with today's addition the picture is uploaded from your computer to Facebook's servers. The new photo comments add on to recent improvements to Facebook commenting like threaded replies and hashtags, which have been available on competing social networks for some time.

Facebook adds #hashtags

Facebook began rolling out hashtags on June 12, allowing users and brands to add clickable links in status updates and ad copy.  It’s also added mobile support and introduced ‘related hashtags’. Now, if you search for something like #digital, you’ll also see the likes of #art and #fun.

The mobile update is, for now, only available on, with the network’s mobile apps waiting for hashtags to arrive.

Facebook trying to stop ads appearing next to NSFW content

Facebook has taken action to prevent adverts appearing alongside controversial content. Previously, ads (which are targeted by user, not page) had simply appeared across Facebook. Facebook now uses an algorithm to detect pages likely to contain inappropriate content, then having these verified by staff – those deemed inappropriate will be prevented from having ads appear next to them.

Facebook relaxes page cover rule

Facebook appears to have quietly scrapped its rule that cover images on pages could not contain more than 20 per cent text, which caused confusion among many page administrators.
Changes introduced in March eliminated rules against contact and pricing information and calls to action, but the 20 per cent text rule remained in place. Discovered by Facebook marketing and page-management firm TabSite, an update to the social network’s page guidelines, posted yesterday, made no mention of the restriction.
However, it looks like the 20 per cent rule will still apply to images used for advertising as stated in Facebook’s ad guidelines. This means that News Feed ads, such as Page Post ads and Sponsored Stories, will be affected.

The rule doesn’t apply to Marketplace ads, which appear in the right-hand column, or photos uploaded to your Page that you don’t pay to promote.


Further to my recent channel updates, YouTube has added thrown several more Social Media buttons into the mix, allowing users to now share their videos directly to Tumblr, Bebo, Blogger, Myspace, Digg and StumbleUpon

 Check this clip out - simply an amazing compilation - INCREDIBLE editing!

Tweet your tunes

Twitter and iTunes recently teamed up to bring social media to a music platform. It effectively sets up Apple and Twitter to rival Facebook, which has been working with partners like Spotify to make money from streaming music.

Google Allows You to Add Logo to Knowledge Graph Box

Google released a new feature of Schema—Organization Logo Markup—allowing your company logo to appear in the Google Knowledge Graph box that displays in the top right corner of search results for general branded searches.

If you are actively using Google+ for your brand, your logo will be pulled from your +Page instead. However, Organization Logo Markup can be a second line of brand defence, increasing your chances of having your logo display properly. Learn more and get instructions here.

Updates to Google+ for its 2nd birthday

Google+  turned 2 and its creators are celebrating by updating some of its features  have new buttons for follow, share and +1, the first of which is shown below:

Secondly, the following picture depicts the updates to profile and page badges, while G+ communities will also receive their own badges.

A new download feature allows photos to be quickly saved, while uploading and moving has been updated to allow easier shifting of large batches of images, now it’s easier to upload, move and download pictures
Happy Birthday Google+!

LinkedIn introduces ‘Who’s Viewed Your Updates?’ feature

LinkedIn has introduced an interesting new feature – a tool that allows users to see who’s viewed their updates, as well as what interaction has occurred from their 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections. The system, shown here, includes a simple ‘colour coding’ scheme, allowing users to easily view the effect of their content.


And finally, something for the big kid in all of us

Several student years spent working as a café barista turned me into a caffeine addict. This Raspberry Pi Robot may not cure my addiction, but it will save several daily sprints to the kitchen for a caffeine hit.






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