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Digital Advertising – the Future and the Now


Some of you may recall the day, a long time ago, that the telex machine was the device of choice to send a message. Well, we’ve come a long way since then and in the space of a few decades we have progressed from this...  

Telex machine

… to this…

Old Computer

… to this...  


This evolving technology has changed the way we do things beyond simply communicating. The way and speed with which we can access information has shaped how we research, plan, make reservations, shop and, of course, advertise.  

We all know the future of advertising is “digital” but what does this mean?

Well, the traditional methods of advertising, namely newspapers, magazines, television and radio, have been usurped by the PC, smartphone, iPad and tablets, and now, smart television – interactive digital billboards right there in our living rooms. The world of advertising is now grappling with the creative tensions between static versus interactive, stationary versus mobile, 2D versus 3D.

The stats speak for themselves – in the US half the population owns a smart phone, in Australia it is expected that 60% will own a smart phone by the end of the year and in New Zealand 44%.  That’s just ownership – the statistics further show that owners of those smartphones use them – a lot! 73% of consumers would never leave home without their Smartphone.

Think of it this way, in 1987, when Apple launched the Macintosh computer, you were only confronted by ‘in your face’ advertising if you picked up a newspaper or switched on the telly in the evening to watch your favourite program. There might have been the odd billboard on your way home. Nowadays, if you own a smart phone or tablet and use it to browse the internet, look for a job, play your favourite game, catch up with your mates on social networks, you are literally bombarded by advertising.  

It is difficult to comprehend that the World Wide Web is only 21 years old and the first access to the web via a mobile device happened just 16 years ago. Google is a whippersnapper at just 12 years of age yet ‘Google’ is part of our every day speech, as a noun and a verb – how often do we say, “I’ll Google that?” The iPad, released in April 2010, is a toddler barely out of nappies but to date over 84 million units have been sold worldwide.

Infographic: Time to Reach 50 Million Users.

There’s no denying how quickly technology is advancing and how digital advertising will continue to grow and evolve – the pace is relentless and every day we learn something new.  We have to accept that it is here to stay and learn to embrace it.

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the torrent of change and choice, the complexities are mind boggling, but so are the opportunities!

Written by Karen Dimond, Account Manager
Infographic by Shaun Versey, Graphic Designer






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