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Digital Trends in Creative Update, August 2013


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Hello friends, futurists and knowledge consumers. We're here again talking about all the cool stuff happening out there. A summary of the ever evolving merry-go-round of what you might have missed in mobile, multi-screen, wearable and brand insights. Enjoy.
People powered Mobile & Apps
You know those 'meeting' days you get sometimes, back to back, well I had one of those the other week. En route through a rainy lunchtime, battery low, looking for charging salvation to get me to my next location. Apple rescued me (sort of), I went in asking for a charging station – they didn't have one per se but were very accommodating and I charged my phone at a display and moved on.
It got me thinking we should have a lot more charging stations in our midst, and then I stumbled across this New York powered solar idea called Street Charge, about to roll out for lucky New Yorkers around their city. Charging heaven with a coffee stand to match and, if they could only combine this with the Serval project's localised network idea – to allow free calls and messages without a traditional network, then you'd have a real winner for the consumer. Who wouldn't want that? Oh yes – the network providers, oh dear consumer wins again.
Someone who is definitely making friends is Lytro (the light field camera) built in Wi-Fi now works with an iPhone App so sharing the funky multi focus images is easier, no matter what environment you're in. It's laptop friendly too, but you probably don't carry one of those around anymore – right?
Here's a thought – how about if your mobile could understand your environment? Well some smart cookies at University of Alberta have come up with Surround-See a camera attachment for smartphones that provides peripheral vision. So it would know when you're driving and using your mobile, and tell you to stop it! That's gotta be a good idea.
Here's another good idea for the fast paced world we live in. Instead of bigger phone screens, why not have 2 screens on the same phone? This YotaPhone phone has 2 screens for the price of one, that is task orientated – imagine maps on a fixed eReader screen, while you interact with other OS apps.

Some cool apps – a focus orientated app that helps you focus on tasks better which they call, 'Melon' – allowing users to track their focus, using a headband sensor – mind blowing not quite. Are you ever away from home, while your alarm is annoying your neighbours.You'd probably never know, unless you had this Canary App – which also lets you understand and control what’s happening in your home environment – safe and happy home. You want to trade "things" with friends were money isn't king? "Grab" your friend's stuff with Bondsy and do just that.

Smart boxes, Out of the Box and Holograms
When you are sitting in the comfort of your own home environment, you may as well be entertained – yeah? Here's some ways to make that multi-screen experience cinematic.

Smart boxes – Microsoft is coming out of the cold to partner with Polar and continue their recent multi-screen march – this time, opening up Internet Explorer and Mobile to form a 'companion web' solution for all devices, or at least the ones that like IE. Good luck with that.

No luck needed with this Out of the Box USB TV – Google has entered the world of TV, well more like possibly changed it, with its recently launched Chromecast – which could be a real game changer for that market, with no box and a $35 price tag. It is likely to challenge the TV experience.

 Your only hope? Probably not, but yeah holograms could make a move into your living room, if these guys have anything to do with it. Provision 3D media is in Kickstarter mode ready to develop life size holograms projections, with a non "frickin laser" technology.
Imagine going down to your local pub and having a pint and a hand crafted musical experience tailored to you. Sit down and plug in Tables you need to hear. Or alternatively you can make your own music via poster and iDevices – enter Novalia an interactive touch paper technology to make sounds out of paper tech.
Glass and healthy socks
Google Glass has some competitors, some potential navigation issues and a re-imagining.

GlassUp takes Google head on with a cheaper price alternative (about a third of Google), and with less strain on the eye.

Google has some thought provoking, potentially dangerous uses – specifically in a car, but there is a HUD solution apart from just taking them off, that is. I remember when you'd wait a while for a re-imagining but with Google Glass they have already been redesigned by Sourcebits to be more glossy glass wear.
Monitoring your health is becoming relatively easy nowadays. Hot on the heels of Nike and other band/brand tech, comes a Sensoria washable smart sock, so you can see how your sweaty feet are performing on your favourite device.

Talking about visualising your healthy footprint, how about a stethoscope that visualises your heartbeat?

How does the magic work?
Whether you're a creative magical being or not, there are those creative types (including me) who want to share the magical world of what we do. Some major creative teams are already doing this with unique insights into their processes.
Rescued from the digital graveyard, CEO Ben Johnston and CD Jess Huddart came along and saved the platform.
Google Ventures
In the world of agile development why not apply the same principles into a design sprint? Google venture did just that. Jake Knapp explains.
The biggest social network on the planet started with a new look "news feed" from team of Robyn Morris and Vivian Wang started the Re-Design process.
Jessica Hische on how to facelift a logo the right way.

File transfer You Send It rebrands and tells their story

So it's that time again where we bid our goodbyes, as we're done for another instalment.
We hoped you enjoyed, catch you next time!





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