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Energizing Your Electronic Direct Marketing (eDM)


For many businesses, email marketing is a crucial part of the digital marketing mix, yet it is very often overlooked or neglected. Is it the set-up time or cost or perhaps it just feels too complex and difficult to manage?
However, the truth is that all that is needed to get started is a small database of customers and a simple email template. The management of the campaigns can be outsourced or managed in-house on a modern, intuitive and easy-to-use platform. The set-up cost is also not that large when you take into account the direct communications you can deliver to your client base as frequently as you like, all for a very low cost-per-send.
Here at Adcorp, we always encourage clients to take advantage of this easy to use yet versatile tool. eDM’s can be fully personalised, sent to specific segments of your client database or, if simplicity is all that is required, they can be very generic and basic. Email marketing can be used for lots of different communication requirements; promotional offers for new products; newsletters with a mix of information about your people and company; special occasions that give offers or thanks for being your customers; or informative giving an update on the latest company developments, plus a whole lot more.  
The real power of eDM’s is the fact that they are measurable, targeted and cost effective. Thanks to high market penetration (over 3.8 billion email accounts worldwide(1)) it allows businesses to effectively communicate with their target audience at much lower costs in comparison to other communication methods including traditional direct marketing or mainstream media. Based on the average campaign stats provided by MailChimp(2) click through rate (CTR) and open rate (OR) costs for Retail, Recruitment and Government are*:

  OR cost CTR cost
Government $0.35 $2.74
Recruitment $0.43 $2.84
Retail $0.39 $2.76

It’s also worth mentioning that campaigns run by Adcorp on behalf of our clients, often achieve even better results. The most recent analysis of our campaigns show that the click through rate recorded in the last few months across our campaigns were around 8% with a recorded open rate of around 40%. 
Another big advantage of eDM’s is the fact that it’s a widely accepted form of marketing. Research shows that 77% of customers choose email as their preferred communications method(3).  One of the key advantages of eDM’s is that they help businesses build relationships with their customers and at the same time provides the opportunity to cross and upsell products and services.
If all this sounds great and you’re ready to energize your current eDM strategy or start one today, then hold on for just a bit longer – there are a few things worth considering. 
Firstly, we would highly recommend reviewing best practices of email marketing and putting together a strategy to ensure you get the best results and high Return-On-Investment. Such things as ‘Subject line’ and communications timing are crucial factors that can significantly influence both open and click-through-rates. As for your email template, engaging and relevant content is an important factor, as is the design and ensuring a responsive template so that it can be easily viewed on all devices.
So take the first step and get in touch with your Adcorp Account Manager to find out how our Digital Team can help you establish or improve your eDM! 





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