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Facebook Events Update

Facebook has a new home for your events


While we weren’t looking Facebook has done a major overhaul of the Events area of the platform.

The Events landing page is a lot more user friendly than previously. The more image-friendly layout includes tab menu options to locate all events or just the ones you’ve been invited to or are hosting, while the event listings themselves are not as wide as before, and as a result appear to be more concise than the previous layout.

Most importantly, the Create button is much easier to find than before!

One excellent new feature within each event page is the option to export the event to an external calendar, or send it to your email address. This is really great someone like me, who syncs their Facebook Events with their iPhone calendar but, who also, gets very annoyed by poorly created events being incorrectly reflected in my calendar. This means that I can now pick and choose which events are shown in my personal calendar.

What do you think of the new Events interface? An improvement or did you prefer the old way?






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