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Facebook Insights - July 2013 Update


Sigh! – Facebook has changed their Page Insights. Again.

We’ve been hearing about the anticipated changes for the past month, and couldn’t help but wonder what new daunting analytics platform Facebook was going to throw at us. However, Facebook’s new Page Insights are user-friendly, comprehensive, visual, and informative – nearly every new capability is impressive.

What stands out most to us? Facebook has become more thorough and specific with “page, posts, and people” statistics.

“People Talking About This” has been segmented into these engagement stats:

 “Reach” has now been divided into “Post Reach” and “Total Reach” and shows a comparison between organic and paid posts.

Selecting date ranges before was a clunky hassle. Now you simply click and drag and all date ranges viewed on the screen change dynamically.

Everything is plotted on aesthetically pleasing graphs and charts that allow the virality, engagement, and trends of Facebook activity to easily be seen – click on a spike in the graph line and Facebook pulls all of the posts from that particular date. Dig even deeper by clicking on that viral post and it appears on a new page alongside every imaginable piece of important data: people reached, likes, comments, shares, post clicks, photo views, and more.

Other new features I like are Facebook’s “When Your Fans Are Online” and “Best Post Types” categories. Based on your fan’s engagement, Facebook charts the days within the week and the times throughout the day that show the most fan activity. Facebook then provides a snapshot of the success of each type of post:

Facebook is also making it easier to see how well an individual post performed by creating a single scorecard (pictured below) aggregating all the positive (Likes, comments, shares, clicks) and negative (hiding a post, un-Liking a page, reporting as spam) interactions around it.

Awww - Adcorp Pinterest Pets - cute!

Personally, I’m in Social Media heaven with this update – do you think otherwise and have you had any negative experiences or, is there an area you’d like to see further improvement on?
Please comment below, we are always interested in your feedback.





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