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Facebook understands your advertising objectives


It’s now easier for advertisers to place ads on Facebook, thanks to new changes that focus on campaign objectives and how they can be met through Facebook advertising. This makes it easier for advertisers to achieve results and gives them more control in meeting their objectives.
Facebook has labelled the new changes as “objective-based ad buying and reporting”. For example, an advertiser’s objective may be to increase web conversions or increase page likes. From these specified objectives Facebook has created tools designed to recommend the most appropriate placement.

What other changes has Facebook made?

Advertisers can now specify where they would like their adverts to appear. Previously the location was automatically generated. Now advertisers are able to choose between the Newsfeed, Right Hand Column ad space, and on Mobile. Or, they can choose all of these options in their initial campaign set up. If an advertiser is unsure of placement Facebook can automatically generate the positioning on their behalf, based on where the advert will perform the best.
Facebook has also introduced the use of one image size across all advertising products. Previously several sizes were required across different advert placements. This was time consuming for advertisers who had to resize their images if they wanted to place them across various platforms. Along with this change advertisers can now preview their adverts in the set up stage. This gives them a greater understanding of how their adverts will look and feel on different placements before setting them live and will ultimately save them time.

What about results?

Facebook has also upgraded the Ad Manager tool. Ad Manager helps an advertiser track the results of their campaign; estimating conversions, clicks, impressions and other useful statistics. This tool now displays the advertiser’s objectives and how often these objectives have been met throughout the course of the campaign. These changes are great news for both agencies and clients because it means a more streamlined process. Beginning the advertising process with a measurable objective means advertisers can easily evaluate how successful their campaign is and what steps need to be taken for more successful campaigns in the future.
At the moment these changes are only available in the USA but should be coming to Australia shortly. Contact your Account Manager to find out how you can take advantage of these developments in Facebook advertising.





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