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Friction or Flow


The question on everyone’s mind last month at the HRINZ Conference and Expo in Wellington – how do we achieve better flow in our HR department?  Not an easy subject to tackle, but luckily, the conference had some of New Zealand’s biggest names in Leadership, Development, HR Strategy and of course, Adcorp was there, to shed some light on the subject from a marketing perspective.

What is HRINZ? The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand is dedicated to communicating and connecting with key partners, innovators and service providers to maximise business success.  An organisation of 4,300 members, and still growing, HRINZ accounts for more than 55% of the HR market in New Zealand.  The HR Expo is in an integral component of the HRINZ conference, which Adcorp has been a proud sponsor of over the past decade.  It is a social hub for conference delegates and speakers and provides the opportunity to provide tools and solutions for their business needs.

HR departments face new challenges every day – from keeping up with new innovations in recruitment technology to driving and leading internal change within an organisation.  One thing that we can all agree on is that a successful HR department encompasses vision, strategy, leadership and most importantly, its people.  But how do we get there?

Let’s break it down into simpler terms.


We all are.  We are not numbers or statistics.  It’s important to embrace compassion and collaboration to build a more focused vision, company and life for ourselves and others.


Connecting, communicating, and support are essential when executing a successful sourcing strategy.  We all rely on our resources to find the best solution when facing challenges at work.  Accessibility and effectiveness of these resources will reflect the outcomes in the changing complexity of business.


Each unique organisation has its own mission, vision and strategy to achieve its goals.  It often defines what success is and delivers successful people to drive progress.

New Zealand

Our talent pool, our land of opportunity and our vision for creating a better New Zealand are all driving forces behind the decisions we make and the people that we hire.

Let’s not forget, every year Adcorp loves to have a little bit of fun.  This year we decided to design our stand as a destination for the flowing of ideas.  With the help of General Manager, Catherine Spiller, HR Manager, Rebecca O’Connell, Agency Manager, Saffron Byron, Strategic Solutions Director, Joe Serci and Account Manager, Michael Hailey – we provided a sanctuary for bright employment marketing ideas to flow.  

Michael Hailey, Account Manager





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