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Think Before You Post – How to Help Mitigate Social Media Risk and Optimise Reach


For many brands, the words Social Media evoke fear. There are many cautionary tales about the risks of Social Media. Looking at these stories, also known as #fails, many issues arise because the lines between public and private, and personal and professional are blurred in social networks.
There are a number of risk mitigation strategies Adcorp applies to not only our own community management but our clients’. From these experiences, combined with insights from leading research[1], I have developed a binary flow chart to help individuals post appropriately.
Employees and Community Managers alike can ask themselves these questions to determine, not only what’s appropriate, but where are the best platforms to post to and the best times to optimise reach.
Obviously, each industry’s audience is different and I encourage you to determine the optimal platforms and timing for your specific target audience. Essential components of Social Media success are analysing results and subsequently adapting your strategy. Use the infographic below as a guide to get you started; review what’s working and what’s not; and adjust your strategy accordingly.

A special thank you to Kiera Connell, one of Adcorp’s many talented designers, for helping translate my concepts into a cool infographic.





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