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IAB Mobile Trends Report 2013


So IAB has released its mobile trends report. In it, co-author Dr John Hawkins, Head of Data Science at Big Mobile Group, ponders the future of mobile media. Hawkins believes that digital media's edge over traditional media marketing relies on careful management and use of the data it collects.
Regarding the strategies employed by organisations such as Facebook and Google to deal with privacy concerns, Hawkins is of the view that transparent policies and demonstrable relevance enables these companies to assuage user mistrust around use of data. I'd suggest that, more simply, product desirability outweighs privacy worries in a large percentage of cases.
Also covered within the IAB's report are the value of location based targeting and its role in advertising campaigns. Report author David Thanisch says that the effectiveness of location based targeting is currently limited here; Bluetooth is however being used in international campaigns to deliver targeted advertising. The previously-anticipated dominance of near field communication (NFC) now looks unlikely: Apple has omitted NFC from the iPhone 5 in favour of its own iBeacon, which uses Bluetooth; PayPal is also utilising Bluetooth for its new Beacon payment system. 
Media Access Control (MAC) addresses, the unique code that identifies every device, are already being captured by RTAs in Australia. As soon as this can be linked with personal data, are we going to see Spielberg's Minority Report vision of the future realised, with consumers experiencing their own personalised advertising campaigns? 
Google's contribution to the trends report highlights how the current vogue for mobile tailoring needs to be replaced with a more user-focused approach. In other words, forget what device is being used and think instead about who is using it. We're increasingly seeing multiple devices used by a single person throughout the course of a day (and night), so it doesn't really make sense to label the desktop user, the tablet user, the mobile user; it's potentially the same person.
 Ipsos and The Readership Works are attempting to capture more insightful data with new cross-platform audience insights survey, emma. But it's perhaps too early to tell whether trying to look at an audience as one across multiple devices is the right way to go.
You can read the full report here, and please contact your local Adcorp representative for more information on how you and your organisation can get involved with mobile.
Adrian Fellowes, Director of Media





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