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It’s like music to my peers

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The magnitude of change in the music industry in the 21st Century has been astronomical. Just a decade ago, who could have imagined the way artists of today are discovered, how they reach out to and interact with their fans, and how their music is marketed?

A great illustration of this is a new mobile app ‘bandpage’ released by RootMusic which creates a Facebook page allowing the artists to directly upload tracks, information, gig listings, and even enables fans to buy tickets. The app is also capable of linking with MySpace, YouTube and Twitter. The enormous reach covered in this one app alone captures just how vast an audience can be targeted and ‘drawn in’ by Social Media.

By marketing music and new musicians via the internet and by utilising Social Media, new bands have the opportunity to interact with fans and exchange feedback directly to and from one another. Far less common now are the days where screaming fans would line up for hours overnight for an autograph by an artist on a T-shirt or a poster. These days, getting a ‘shout-out’ online, a ‘like’ on a status by a favoured band member or even a comment back to something you’ve written on a band’s status is considered just as exciting. It’s also there on the internet, for all of your friends to see and can be accessed at any time in the convenience of your smart phone or laptop.

Entertainment Consultant Vashon Patterson says that if you want to succeed in the music industry today, Social Media and social networking is the most important tool needed in order to make real success. We are living in an age of opportunity. Naoise Ryan of Universal Music group also tells us that she encourages every artist to have accounts on the likes of Facebook and twitter.

A lot of bands trying to ‘break into the music industry’ have been turned away from talent scouts without having an internet trail to their name, showing their potential with the internet population.

We can see the impact Social Media has made in careers for artists like Justin Beiber, who was discovered on YouTube and was later signed with Usher. Arnel Pineda who started singing on YouTube, is now the lead singer of journey, while Esmee Denters was discovered by Justin Timberlake via Social Media and signed to his label tennman records.

The age old fact that being “discovered” in the music industry is near impossible if you aren’t somebody who knows somebody is rapidly being disproved. With all of these avenues now available in the palm of our hands, musicians who never previously had the chance to be recognised are now getting the opportunity to share their talents with the world.

Up and coming local Perth band Avastera, has reached out to thousands of fans on the internet and received over 46,500 views on music videos for hit song December Sun, and a further 1617 views for recordings of live performances of the song in less than twelve months.

Social Media’s presence on the internet is providing young musicians with an extremely powerful and easy to access tool which is virtually ‘making’ or ‘breaking’ young bands in the eyes of talent scouts around the world.

The marketing ability offered to musicians in all stages of their passion, hobby or career in this day and age is more than capable of giving them the advantage to share their talents and target an enormous audience by channelling these Social Media outlets.  Young musicians from all parts of the world are being encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to share their music online and gain an unlimited exposure in an environment where you truly never know who’s watching.    





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