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More Statistics for April 2013 – Let’s talk about Mobile and Online Video.


This month we got excited and decided to produce a second statistics blog for April!

Nielsen recently released their Australian Online Landscape Report for April 2013, revealing valuable insights about the 15.7 million Australians online.

Let’s talk about Mobile

Research in April revealed that Aussies are continuing to use their mobiles and tablets online with just over 406 million page views last month; a growth of 106% increase since January 2012. However we still prefer to use our computers for online activity with 65% of all online sessions occurring on a computer, compared to 25% of all sessions on mobile phones and 9% of sessions on tablets.

It was noted that even though mobile devices are being used for a quarter of online activity, these devices account for only 14% of page impression traffic. This proves the assumption that mobiles are being used for shorter and more functional activity which is easier to perform on a small screen and makes it even more important for brands to have a mobile presence. 

Let’s talk about Online Video
Nielsen's research into online behaviour showed that just shy of half the Australian population (11.6 million) streamed 1.85 billion online videos in April 2013.
Aussies spent a total of 5.13 billion minutes streaming content last month, averaging out to 7 hours and 22 mins per person.
YouTube remains the most popular sources by far for Australians to watch video online. While the unique views are lower, Australians spent considerable amount of time on the ABC Online and Dailymotion.

Dailymotion is Europe’s largest video sharing website. It has grown its audience in Australia by an overwhelmingly 29% since February this year, making it a site to watch over the coming months. The audience is primarily aged 16-24 and 70% male.

Source: Nielsen, Australian Online Landscape Review, April 2013
Video has become a significant part of user’s online behaviour and a medium important for brands to leverage.
There only a few more days left of May – stay tuned for the monthly Social Media Statistics blog published next week!

Nielsen, Australian Online Landscape Review, April 2013






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