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On the Road – The DCM Chronicles


The 501 is leaving when?

Ah yes, the trusty 501 bus on which I travel to and from work on a daily basis. If timed just right, via Google maps app on my iPhone, I’ll catch the “fresh car smell” double deluxe air con model at 7.23am.

On Wednesday, Google released an updated version of Google Maps for iOS, adding official support for the iPad and iPad mini as well as a number of new features that were recently pushed out to Android users. Before the update, iOS users wishing to use Google Maps on an iPad had to use a scaled-up version of the app for iPhone which distorted images and text. Boo.

Google Maps 2.0 for iOS now includes indoor maps that offer directions inside airports, malls, transit stations and other large buildings. The app also offers live traffic and accident reports and a new Explore function that allows users to browse and find new places without typing.

Zagat, the review service acquired by Google in late 2011, is now integrated into search results. Furthermore, there’s a new five-star rating system that allows you to rate local retailers and see which shops and restaurants your friends enjoy the most. Google Offers are also integrated – meaning when you search for a place to eat or somewhere to shop, you’ll see special offers listed that a retailer might be running.

Google’s recent acquisition of crowd-sourced mapping firm Waze likely means they will be ahead of the curve for years to come.

At roughly 45 mins door to door, this is hardly an epic journey, but without argument, Google continues to be the go-to source for mapping and these new updates only help to solidify that fact.

Right, better make like a “Tree” and “Leaf” to catch the next 501 home. If (nerd alert) my head wasn’t buried in this latest offering while I was catching up on the next exciting instalment of Game of Thrones, I might just be able to enjoy beautiful view of Iron Cove as I near my destination.

One day….

You can download Google Maps for iOS through the iTunes App Store.






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