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Quick Tips to Improve your Adwords Quality Score

Titanic sinking


Google Adwords is a great tool. It’s targeted, it’s measurable and it delivers actual results.

Why is Google Adwords a great tool for Search Engine Marketing (SEM)? It drives traffic to landing pages and websites; it increases user engagement, and produces a higher rate of conversions. Essentially it delivers a better return on investment than most print-based campaigns (and it’s only going to get better).  

However, at the end of the day Google is a business, and one which is run with the end-user experience in mind.

This is where ‘Quality Scores’ come in.

Unlike newspapers, which will print an advert regardless of how effective they think it will be, Google needs to know the advertising they run alongside their search results is contributing to a positive user experience.

Adwords campaigns rely on the creation of a list of targeted keywords which relate to the campaign you’re running. When people organically search for those keywords, the resulting ad content displayedis relevant to the subject they’re looking for.  Seems simple enough, right?

It is, until quality scores come into play. Many people don’t realise the importance of integrating Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategies into the content of their Adwords landing pages. Often, all the thought and effort will go into the Adwords text ads or the keyword lists which, while extremely important, are only half of the picture.

Think of an Adwords campaign as the Titanic, and all the various elements of its set-up and management the iceberg ahead. If you are smart about how you set-up and manage your campaign and you keep an eye on the whole picture, both factors can exist in a happy union with a fruitful and successful outcome (i.e. the Titanic avoiding disaster and Jack & Rose growing old together).

However, campaign landing pages seem to be SEM’s version of the lower, obscured half of the iceberg. A sparse landing page, or one lacking in keyword rich copy, can result in your campaign headed towards a sad and disappointing end (though not quite as sad as Jack Dawson freezing to death in the ocean).

Linking to a “sad” (read: bad) landing page will either, give you a lower quality score and your ad will be pushed down the page (and your keywords will potentially cost you more per click), or Google will prevent your ad from running live altogether.
So, some key points to consider when creating an Adwords campaign:

  1. Ensure your keyword list is super relevant. This is the foundation of the campaign.
  2. Your text ads should integrate as many of these key words as possible (it helps when people are organically searching). You have the option of creating multiple text ads for different objectives/angles so you can spread your keywords out over a few different ads.
  3. Before you even think about setting up an Adwords campaign, be sure your landing page has sufficient copy that’s
a) plentiful (sparse content is almost as bad as irrelevant content)
b) relevant to the keyword list and, most importantly
c) keyword-rich. Try and integrate as many keywords into your content as you can (without sounding too repetitive).

If all this sounds like gobbledygook or content creation isn’t your strong point, you needn’t worry. Adcorp offers extensive expertise in the areas of copywriting, web development and Adwords campaigns – from creating, to managing and producing ongoing reporting. So, contact one of our offices to get your Adwords conversation started.

Daina Hine, Account Executive





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