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Showrunner Press Release


Friday 7 March 2014 
Press Release 


Doc Week, Adelaide: Showrunner Productions, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Adcorp Australia Ltd, has signed a deal with Escapade Media to Co-Executive Produce their new series GHOST TOWN (13 x 30’HD) and distribute the title internationally. 
Escapade Media, located at Fox Studios in Sydney, is a newly formed company providing content sourcing, development and distribution services. 
“The team at Escapade are very excited to be working with Showrunner Productions on Ghost Town and see this as an opportunity to further develop a relationship to produce content that sits well in the international marketplace” commented Hamish Lewis, Co-Founder. 
Ghost Town is a series that will examine the background of abandoned towns and locations across the world. Two hosts will travel to various locations in an attempt to uncover the mystery behind the town, unveiling a mix of travel, culture and history. Approaches have already been made to a selection of internationally-recognised hosts for involvement in the series. 
This represents the second major signing of a television series for Showrunner Productions; the first being ’72 Dangerous Animals Australia’ which is being distributed internationally by ABC Commercial. 
David Morrison, Chief Executive Officer of Showrunner Productions stated; “We are really pleased to be working with the experienced team at Escapade Media and we see Ghost Town as the first of many productions we hope to produce in partnership”. 
Showrunner Productions continues to invest in people and resources within its Western Australian office and recently opened a division in Sydney. 
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