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Social Media Recap - December 2013


In the midst of the Christmas craze some social media platforms were abuzz, while others experienced some unjoyful decline.

Let’s take a look back to see what was happening while we were all enjoying one too many eggnogs and trifles.


  • December saw Facebook announce a change to their algorithm. This update isn’t all Christmas cheer from a business perspective, as the algorithm means that the default view will only showcase highlights most relevant to the user. For companies, this means status updates are now less likely to appear in a person’s default news feed, and may only appear if the user regularly interacts with the brand. Now businesses will need to be more savvy and creative in their approach to Facebook marketing and will potentially need to leverage off paid advertising to gain cut-through (Business Insider, 2013).
  • In December, “average post engagement rate” in Australia experienced a slight decline from November – down 0.13% (Social Bakers, 2013).
  • Similarly, New Zealand had a small decline in “average post engagement rate” from November to December – down 0.02% (Social Bakers, 2013).
  • Worldwide there were 1.15 billion Facebook users in 2013 – that is 16% of the globe and over 41 times the combined population of Australia and New Zealand (Bullas, 2013). 


  • 2013 was a big year for Twitter. The social media platform turned 7 years old and their tweets per day grew from 224 million to 400 million – that’s an increase of 78.57% (Media Bistro, 2013).

  • This month Twitter introduced their conversion tracking tool. The tool will be able to tell businesses how many sales resulted from promoted posts, allowing business to “quantify” the success of their Twitter marketing strategies (Sprout Social, 2013).

  • In 2013, Twitter had over 288 million active monthly users. That equates to 9.6 million active users a day – that’s more than double the population of New Zealand (Bullas, 2013).

YouTube and Google +

  • Continuing its rapid growth, YouTube ranked as the number one video platform online again in 2013 (Portada, 2014)

  • Early December marked the launch of a newly monetised Google product, Google + paid advertisements – “+Post ads”.  With just a click of the mouse, the new ad platform will allow brands to transform their Google+ content (e.g. photo, video or Hangout) into an advertisement. The new ad format fosters two-way communication between advertiser and audience, as people are easily able to reshare the ad, comment or ask a question (Sprout Social, 2013).

  • YouTube announced in early December that their live video services will now be available to those with verified accounts. Additionally, those with verified accounts are now able to create Google+ Hangout’s on Air (TechCrunch, 2013).


  • LinkedIn experienced a decline in the number of people that accessed the site in Australia from November to December. In November 2013, there were 3,419,712 people who accessed LinkedIn and in December there were only 2,869,735 – a decline of 16%. This decline is likely due to the decreased amount of recruitment activity conducted over the Christmas period (Quantcast, 2013).

  • New Zealand experienced a similar rate of decline from November to December, with 633,657 people accessing the site in November and only 542,076 in December, a decrease in “people viewed” by 14% (Quantcast, 2013).

2013 was a HUGE year for social media. As the year quickly evaporated, social media went from strength to strength. Let’s hope 2014 can bring a year full of new ideas and opportunities for brands to leverage off!

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