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Social Media Recap - February 2014


Cupid struck his arrow for some Social Media platforms this February, but for others this Valentine’s Day month was somewhat loveless. In February Instagram announced an increase in users by 66%, proving that seeing the world through a “rose colour filter” is popular even outside of Valentine’s Day (Fast Company, 2014). On the other hand, Twitter was unable to charm investors in February, as their first reported earnings as a public listed company were lacklustre (Mashable, 2014). It wasn’t rosy for Facebook’s Paper app either, as it fell from the iTunes Store’s Top 100 Free Apps (Mashable, 2014).

There were also a few platforms that shared the love this February by providing their users with valuable insights on how to increase success on social media.


This month, LinkedIn had its heart set on making it easier for companies to get noticed, with the launch of the revamped “Who Viewed Your Profile” feature. The new feature encompasses more granular analytics, telling users exactly what industries their viewers work in and their job titles. Arguably, the most exciting new functionality is the incorporation of personalised tips that tells users how they increase their profile views by taking steps such as, adding a particular skill to their profile, by following a renowned professional in their industry, or by sharing industry related articles (Sprout Social, 2014).


Facebook decided to share the love this month by staying true to a promise that they would update their Groups Discover page. This revamp not only suggests groups for users to join, but it also suggests groups that friends are members of and groups that are based near the user’s location. Businesses are being encouraged to use descriptive tags to ensure that their groups are easily located. When a user clicks on a descriptive tag, users will be presented with a list of similar groups, making it a great way for Public Groups to attract a greater audience (Sprout Social, 2014).


To highlight their long lasting commitment to helping brands capitalise on their platform, Instagram released the “The Instagram Handbook for Brands” in February. The handbook includes information such as profiles on eleven brands that have best in breed Instagram accounts, the top ten creative hashtags and Instagram’s brand values (Instagram Business, 2014).


In February, Twitter launched a new “quickstart tool kit”. The kit is an informative checklist that details small changes which businesses can make to their Twitter profile to help them achieve their business goals. Some of the tips that they kindly shared included how to tweak your Twitter bio for success, how to improve visuals assets and how to build a content calendar (Sprout Social, 2014).
Well that’s a wrap for February! We will be in touch next month to see what’s hot in March.






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