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Social Media Recap - January 2014


Happy 2014! While we have all been trying to stick to our New Year’s Resolutions (very hard, I know), the social media world has been resolving to make 2014 a cracker.  Let’s have a look at the biggest “new year-new you” makeovers so far for in 2014.


  • LinkedIn recently launched their “Sophisticated Marketers Guide to LinkedIn”. This guide is aimed at revolutionising the way in which marketers use LinkedIn, as it highlights the ROI potential to be gained from an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy (Social Sprouts, 2014).
  • The number of people who accessed LinkedIn in Australia picked up in January.  In December visitor numbers were 2,869,735 and in January they rose to 3,368,174 – an increase of 17% (Quantcast, 2013).
  • Similarly, on New Zealand there were 542,076 people who accessed LinkedIn in December and there were 626,694 people in January – an increase of 16% (Quantcast, 2013).


  • The specifics are on the down-low, but Facebook has confirmed that they are in the early stages of testing a new mobile ad network. The mobile ad network will see Facebook ads appear in 3rd party mobile apps, extending reach for advertisers across multiple platforms (Facebook, 2014).
  • In January, “average post engagement rate” in Australia was 0.25%, experiencing a slight increase from December (0.23%) - up 0.02% (Social Bakers, 2014).
  • Conversely, New Zealand had the small decline in “average post engagement rate” from December (0.41%) to January (0.30%) - down 0.11% (Social Bakers, 2013). 


  • Tumblr has started the New Year off with a bang, announcing that sponsored posts will now be powered by Yahoo Advertising. This is a great opportunity for businesses, as Tumblr advertisers will now be able to tap into the advanced Yahoo audience segmentation capabilities and enhanced analytics tools – giving them more bang for their buck (Marketr, 2014).


2013 was undoubtedly “The Year of the Pin”. The success of Pinterest is said to continue through 2014, as the company has announced that they have acquired Visual Graph. Through the machine vision, image recognition, and visual search technologies behind Visual Graph, Pinterest will now be more equipped to understand what people are pinning, allowing them to show their audience more relevant content and advertisements (TechCrunch, 2014).

What’s in store for 2014?

2014 is predicted to be the year of big things – big data, big relationships and big creativity.

“Big data” is not your average buzzword that says everything and describes nothing. Big data is real and tangible information that tells businesses how social media platforms can increase ROI. Social media platforms capture an incredible amount of data, and in 2014, businesses need to learn how to use this data to achieve their holistic goals (Social Sprout, 2014).

“Putting the customer first” is the oldest strategy around. As businesses connection with social media marketing increases, their focus now has to be on how they can use these platforms as a tool for customer satisfaction. In Quarter 3 of 2013, average response time to customer questions grew, indicating that businesses have not yet learnt the importance of connecting with users via social media. As social media platforms operate in real –time, businesses need to answer customer’s questions, queries and concerns in a timely-manner to maintain strong relationship online and offline (Social Sprout, 2014).

Creative is the key in 2014. Customers no longer connect with just plain static images on social media platforms and as such, businesses need to think outside the box, and present users with visual and interactive content to increase engagement and participation (Social Sprout, 2014).

The power of data, customer service and creativity are not new concepts in the context of business decision making. If businesses can take the strategies that they use offline, and emulate them online, then there is no reason why their social media platforms won’t “kick their goals” in a BIG way this year.







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