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Social Media Statistics April 2013, Australia and New Zealand

Top 15 Social Media Sites April 2013


For those of you who read my update last month, you may remember that I hoped Foursquare would see a jump in numbers. Well, the Social Media Gods are listening because my wish came true; ever so slightly. New Zealand saw a rise of 0.36% and Australia increased by just 0.03%. But hey, it still counts! And even though the numbers didn’t see a massive jump, at least the platform became more enjoyable with the iOS app being updated in April.

Generally, the month of April saw the majority of platforms continue to steadily increase with only a few experiencing a drop in users. Interestingly, these few included major players Facebook and Twitter; Facebook dropped by 0.07% in New Zealand and Twitter lost 0.77% of Australian users.

In March YouTube hit 1 billion monthly users worldwide and in April YouTube was the platform that saw the biggest change in the number of users in our region. Australia had a growth of 5.11% and New Zealand had a growth of 3.77%.

With Facebook’s slight decrease in New Zealand and YouTube’s massive surge, this created the biggest change our stats report has seen. YouTube is now the number one platform in New Zealand, taking over from Facebook.

The other member of the “big 4”, LinkedIn, also saw a significant increase in Australia. Again, could this have anything to do with the upgrade of mobile apps?

What about our favourite blogging platforms? WordPress and Tumblr continue to steadily grow, even with the introduction of mobile ads to Tumblr this month. The ads look and feel like regular posts, only differentiated with a dollar-sign icons and appear among content posted by other users. Users of Tumblr's iOS and Android apps see up to four ads per day.

Instagram has solidified its place within the top 10 in each country with a rise of 2.38% in Australia and 2.45% in New Zealand. A year after it was bought by Facebook, the platform has continued to prove its worth with more than 100million active monthly users worldwide who upload 40m photos a day.

Last month, Pinterest saw a drop in users for the first time in these reports. During the same month, the platform rolled out a new site design with larger images, a cleaner layout, and several new discovery and navigation features which received some criticism from users. Pinterest listened and announced that features from the older version of the site will be reinstalled, perhaps justifying why this month Pinterest were back to their usual selves increasing by almost 1% in Australia and almost 2% in New Zealand.

As for TripAdvisor, all I can say is unpredictable! After a gigantic expansion in February and little change in March, April saw users increase on platform yet again.

But unpredictability comes with the nature of Social Media, so let’s see what happens in May!






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