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Social Media Statistics October 2013, Australia and New Zealand


Welcome to social media statistics blog number 16 where we are looking at the stats for October 2013.

This month saw little movement within the top 15 social media sites in both Australia and New Zealand. 

LinkedIn saw a small decrease in overall users.  BRR Media’s ASX200 Social Media report  looks at the use of social media with Australia’s top companies and stated that 78% of ASX200 companies are using at least one of the major social media channels and LinkedIn is the most popular of these with 71% of companies having an active LinkedIn company page. The primary purpose of the company pages is for recruitment, although they are occasionally used for other purposes including marketing and advertising. These companies use LinkedIn regularly with 35% updating this page on a weekly basis.

YouTube saw an increase in users in Australia and New Zealand this month fitting with the results among the ASX200; YouTube is the fastest growing social media channel among these companies. Showing an increased recognition in the importance of videos, 7% more companies are using the channel than in 2012, growing to a total of 46% of companies who have an active YouTube account which they use for marketing and advertising.

Twitter consistently sits within the top 10 platforms for each country and is the second most used social media platform among the ASX200 with 47% of companies having an active account. Of this group, 57% tweet daily.  

It is getting harder and harder to believe Google when they say that Google+ has 343 million active users. Only 14% of the ASX200 use Google+ and the adoption has remained low over the last year.

For Pinterest, this month the number of users saw little movement in both regions. Pinterest has been slowly adopted by the ASX200 (14%) as more and more users sign up. However this may begin to soar over the year as Pinterest develops more advertising opportunities on the platform. Pinterest is starting with Promoted Pins, similar to Promoted Posts on Facebook. However, they don’t look like ads; there is no mark on them to tell the difference between paid and regular Pins (no blue ticks, specially coloured outline, “sponsored” tag etc).

This month Instagram gained users in both regions. It will be interesting to see if the number of users is affected with the introduction of ads onto the platform as mentioned last month. Instagram has already began to show what the ads look like in the US; paid for video and picture posts will be distinguishable with a ‘Sponsored’ label where the time stamp would normally be.  

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