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Survival of the fittest - A Step back in Time


When I first landed in the land down under I was a sucker for advertising.

Some of the TV commercials I loved back in the 90’s that I think  have survived the millennium include:

Life Be In It – Aussie Icon Norm 

Smiths Crisps 

RSPCA, which is still airing 

Antz Pantz  

And the best one- Cadbury Chocolates 

Survival of the fittest indeed! This one obviously was in the early 2000’s.

One reason why I love these ads is they all relate to the consumer so well and after 13 years, if I can still remember them, they must have done something right. 

It is fair to say the biological makeup of humans as key consumers hasn’t changed, but certainly technology has evolved and the way we consume media has changed. As marketers the methods we use to gain Attention, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA) has altered to match the technological advances. 

What worked back then has now changed so much. It is fair to say that TV advertising was at its peak in the 80’s and early 90’s where a consumer would judge products and services solely on your TV campaign.

Nowadays, while TV is still a popular medium, online advertising is showing a rapid increase. 

Only 10 years ago a typical marketing budget might have been 50% Press, 30% Television and 20% Radio. Obviously this would depend on the campaign brief for a particular campaign. These days it is normal for advertising budgets to include online and social media in addition to traditional media platforms. 

Here are my tips for a healthy online strategy:

If you have an existing website ask yourself is it consistent with your current marketing campaign? Does it need to go through a detox? Adcorp can help you with a Website Audit. 

Many companies can make the mistake of having a great website but not looking at Google Adwords and/or Search engine optimisation. This is really important!

Many companies also make the mistake of having a great website, but which cannot be viewed from a mobile or tablet. This means a large portion of your audience will not have access to you. 

The benefits of adding Find us on Facebook are endless. It allows brand enhancement and it is another cost effective way to promote your business. TV and Press ads should incorporate such elements to integrate your campaign across mediums. 

Make sure your Facebook Page is consistent with your website i.e. try to include imagery and slogans that marry your website. This adds Brand recognition and awareness.

Analyse traffic to your website and social media platforms. Monitoring your website is really important to understand consumer behaviour. 

Why not look at how your TV advertisement could be adapted to the online media space?

An example of a TV ad that has had a tremendous amount of hits via Youtube is Old Spice 

From a recruitment perspective, another example close to home is adding Video Content to your SEEK advertisement. This could be for example a branding advertisement. Adcorp has a talented TV and Video production crew that can help you achieve this. 

Here’s a perfect example of how campaigns have changed - a local flower shop in Darwin that recently opened doors where the owner is relying only on online for her advertising campaign. Through Facebook and building a customer database and collecting information on birthdays and anniversaries, she is building her reputation and increasing sales on a weekly basis. 

The next step for her is an online shop, which Adcorp is seeking to assist with. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner she is using her current email database to provide one of her customers a lucky door prize. So a reward program is already in place.

Survival of the fittest  is a motto that has been spoken since the inception of humankind.

To be at the top of your game or, according to Charles Darwin, to be at the top of the food chain you need to embrace the digital world with open arms or it might lead to a situation where your competitor may climb up that ladder before you get there.

Including online as part of your marketing mix is important so let me help you with your next campaign. 

Rekha Kulkarni, Account Director, Darwin 





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