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Team Wellington Talk Inspiration


Our Wellington team share something visual that they think is cool, inspiring and worth sharing:

Saffron Byron – Agency Manager

In 2012, the Black Pencil was awarded to a campaign by Lowe SSP3 Columbia for a campaign called ‘Rivers of Light’. The campaign was for the Ministry of Defence and called for all Columbians to write a message asking Guerrilla fighters to demobilise and come home to their families for Christmas. The messages were placed into watertight globes that were lit up and placed in the waterways and bush areas near where the Guerrilla armies were located.

The campaign serves multiple purposes. It’s primarily a campaign for the Ministry of Defence, and a positive one at that. Not an easy task in itself! It’s also the ultimate behaviour change campaign – asking people give up a life like that, would in my books, be near impossible. It’s also a campaign that has no precedence to base results on – how do you predict how many people will demobilise? But in the end, if only one person did, you could claim success. In this instance they had 1 person demobilise every six hours for the duration of the campaign.

What appears to be a very simple campaign belies what I imagine to be a complex and risky logistical task. From ensuring the capsules were watertight and able to be lit up for extended periods of time, to being able to mobilise the Defence Force to get close enough to the Guerrillas to leave them in places they would be seen, this project would have required military precision from the Advertising Agency as well!

The campaign was so successful that they followed it up with Phase Two: ‘Operation Bethlehem’, where guiding shafts of light were set up as beacons for Guerrilla’s to follow, to find their way home.

Inspiring stuff!

Matt Franklin – Account Manager

Marc Johnston artwork
Marc Johnston is a young Wellington based illustrator who attended Massey University, I discovered his Facebook page about three months ago and have been in awe of his raw talent ever since. He creates very detailed, outlandish illustrations using only felt tip markers and demonstrates his mastery over the medium in every piece.

Marc Johnston artwork: Colour Junk

His work is still pure yet untainted by commercialism or watered-down by ‘real world’ mediocrity which is particularly appealing. I enjoy the vibrancy of his colour palette and the abstract nature of his subject matter, the fact that he has kept away from the easy option which would be to create his illustrations digitally is very refreshing, if he makes a mistake with a stroke it is permanent which gives his illustrations an honesty that has been lost in a world dominated by Adobe.

Leanne Kennedy – Advertising Executive

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (1928-2000) was an Austrian born artist, who later became and New Zealand citizen. While often controversial, he was a symbolic figure for a non-conformist way of life, a forerunner of environmental protection and an ambassador for a self-determined alternative existence. As a a painter, printmaker, and architect he was best known for his paintings characterized by colorful, ornamental, and biomorphic shapes.

Koru flag

I love his work, and not many people realise he created one of my favourite flags – the Koru (pictured above). He also designed the famous toilets in Kawakawa (pictured below)!

Hundertwasser toilets in Northland's little town of Kawakawa

Lisa Lee – Account Manager
Samsung Ecobubble Viral campaign.

I recently came across a 2 minute online video produced by The Viral Factory, a social video agency specialising in viral marketing. My curiosity peaked as I wondered what kind of work a viral social media agency would produce. I found that The Viral Factory’s style of filmography portrayed rebellious or ‘out of norm’ versions of reality to get their client’s message across, often using a ‘mockumentary‘ film technique or computer generated animation to convince the viewer the footage is real.  

I’m sure I haven’t seen one quite like this but take a look and see if you can compare this to any household appliance commercial you’ve ever seen.





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