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The DCM’s Dazzling Digital Discernment


There have been huge changes across Social Media and Digital space over past few weeks. Here is a brief update of my favourite digital transformations, facts and stats.

People have been hashtagging their lives on Facebook for years, finally Facebook has taken the concept pioneered by Twitter. Hashtags – they are everywhere.  
  • Facebook’s latest development allows businesses to target new consumers, through the use of their current target market. Facebook describes their current, and potential new audiences as Custom Audiences, and Lookalike Audiences
  • Insights have changed. People Talking about This is being replaced with a better breakdown, and there's a new interface.
  • Users can now reply in comments using image and emoticons  
  • In the past you weren’t able to upload your own thumbnails, but you now can when visually sharing links – this is being progressively rolled out
The world’s third largest website has rolled out a redesign, creating big opportunities for brands.
  • An update to the YouTube app introduces in-video suggestions about what to watch next. The banner ads are super-imposed over the video you're watching. 
  • To encourage new channel subscribers, brands can now create a video trailer to showcase their company.
  • The new banner design feature allows for a cohesive brand look on mobile, TV and desktop
  • YouTube now offers three types of curated playlists: related channels, interest lists and content playlists of your videos.
Instagram adds video
Users can now upload, add a filter and share short 15 second videos.  Instagram will be for best used with brands[i] - but this addition is probably a response to the popularity of Twitter's Vine service.
Recent LinkedIn changes include a redesign of ‘Who’s Viewed Your Profile’ for Premium members, bolstered with a new trends section which pops up on the right-hand side of the screen to display a line chart of users’ viewing figures.
Read more about this on TNW.

Amazing Pinterest Statistics
I’m a bit of a stats nerd, so here’s a few incredible statistics detailing Pinterest’s rapid growth to Social Media stardom for those of us who love this image bookmarking platform.
Pinterest has 48.7 million users, 2.5 billion monthly pageviews and 80% of Pinterest pins are repins.
Read more here, my fellow stats nerds[ii]

And finally…

I’m a sucker for a good wedding – it really is a great time of celebration of happiness – and in my case, the odd “man-tear”.  Are any of your friends getting married soon?  What better way to share the love than with these 10 geeky wedding gifts[iii]

Change is the only constant in Social Media – so stay tuned for regular Social Media snippets and Digital delights.







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