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Talking Digital


Digital is ‘in’. It’s the new now. It’s where the cool kids are at. The geeks finally inherited the earth.
Put the word ‘Digital’ in front of your job title and expect a pay bump. Throw in any of the buzzwords used today from Agile, Disruptive, UX, Mobility Consultant… – I could go on, but a quick scan of your LinkedIn news feed will showcase them better than I could.
What is harder though is to pin down what ‘Digital’ is. Back in my early career I was asked this question by a senior agency figure – although we were talking in the narrower context of the Internet. He was trying to box it in. In his mind it was another channel, like TV or radio. I said the Internet was simply computers communicating with one another. In hindsight, I’d have added, and the WWW is a way people share information on that platform. 
Like I said, that was a narrow answer for a narrow question.
If you’re in an agency or comms environment, Digital varies dramatically. Advertising agencies see it as a route to an audience, a platform for marketing, where reach and message are key - and digital carries those. In a digital agency it is a way of working, it’s how you tackle projects, liaise with clients, and the solutions you bring. Digital has developed its own culture and processes for work. In a business it can be many things, from a comms platform to the very nuts and bolts for how a business operates. And in some cases such as Uber, it is the business. 
Digital is also no longer just the Internet and the WWW. It has become an all-encompassing word for how we communicate and how things function. TV wasn’t ‘Digital’ a decade ago. Now every ad is on YouTube and Netflix subscriptions continue to increase. Business is now Digital, with Agile and Design Theory becoming requirements for management.
So what do I believe? Well, I have to frame this in two contexts. My personal belief, and what it means for Adcorp, where I head up the Digital offering.
Digital is an era. This is the time we are living in. Everything is skewed through a digital looking glass. It is changing so much around us, how we connect with friends, find information, entertain ourselves and think. We are at a fancy dress party and we’ve all come as Mark Zuckerberg.
Adcorp is an advertising and communication agency. We deliver a wide array of services and we need a Digital offering that spans those. So when I’m asked what Digital is for Adcorp, I reply:
  1. An Approach. It is how we work; a set of processes, a belief in shared knowledge, iterative steps and living in beta. Adcorp Digital is borne out of those digital agencies. We are large scale, but boutique at heart.
  2. A Service. People communicate and digest content through digital channels - be it social, digital advertisements, great website experiences, online video, or a host of other digital touchpoints. We work with those digital channels to ensure our clients can communicate with their audiences.
  3. How We Think. Our digital solutions are tied to User Experience. We aim to understand the business goals and the user needs and tie them together to deliver a solution that works. 

So that’s that. My answer for the most common of questions. What do you think? Find us on our social channels and share your thoughts.
Stephen Williams
Head of Digital – Adcorp Australasia





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