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Top Tips in Digital Marketing


One of the perks of my job is all the digital marketing seminars I get to attend. Here are some tips from recent events I’ve been to relating to social media marketing:
1.       Know your audience

If you read no further, this is my NUMBER 1 tip and one of the golden rules of social media marketing. This is the answer to so many questions like “How do I know what to post?” and “What makes a SM campaign successful?” Knowing your audience’s interestswill ensure that the information you supply through your social media channels is relevant and of interest. This will mean a better chance of your audience following, liking and sharing your content. Investigating and knowing your audience well can also give you great insight into where to find new community members – as they are likely to have similar interests to your current community members.

2.       Social media is “not IT”

The increased sales, database numbers, brand awareness or enquiries that you want to achieve from your social media investment are “not IT”.  There needs to be tangible goals and objectives that result from your social media presence. If you want to get 20,000 likes on Facebook that’s great, but what are those likes going to convert into? It doesn’t matter how many people you are talking to or engaging with if those conversations and that exposure just isn’t converting into outcomes. Then you would have been better to have invested elsewhere.

3.       The power to choose

Unlike traditional media, people have to choose to engage with you on social media – it’s not disruptive. Which reiterates the importance of point #1 above: what you know about your audience drives the content you share with your audience and will increase the chance of them paying attention – otherwise they don’t have to.

4.       Risk vs Reward

Social media is somewhere you can be a bit edgy, humorous or cheeky with your campaigns. But weigh up the reward you could get from a risky campaign to decide if it is worth it, otherwise play it safe. If the potential payoff is huge then it is worth taking the risk, but if there is a slim chance of a risky idea paying off and it is more likely to cause damage to your brand, steer clear and spend your time, effort and resources on safer, smart, savvy campaigns.

5.       Use common sense

Here’s a good example of what not to do.  A few weeks after Qantas’ entire fleet was grounded they launched a social media campaign asking people to use the hashtag #qantasluxury and talk about their luxurious experiences on Qantas flights. The timing was atrocious and resulted in negative sentiment for the brand. Common sense should always prevail, and you need to take a step back from any social media posts, campaigns or comments to check they follow common sense – or again you are only going to do more harm than good.

Adcorp has a dedicated Social Media team which can help you with all aspects of your social media presence. From creating a social media strategy and setting up new platforms, to risk management, training and campaigns. Contact your local Adcorp office for more information and to have a chat about social media.







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