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Twitter Rolls Out New Profile Page

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You may have heard some chatter recently about Twitter trialling a new more-Facebook-like profile page layout. We recently tweeted about the announcement, but haven’t been lucky enough to see the update until today!

The update has definitely taken some design cues from the Facebook timeline layout, and incorporates the previous hero image from your Twitter profile as a main cover photo which spans across your entire profile. In fact, your background image has been relegated to your Home, Notifications and Discover tabs, none of which have adopted the new layout style.

Twitter has made sure that users know which features are best for optimising and promoting your page: you get a 3-step walk through on how to update both your profile (step 1) and cover (step 2) photos (with dimension recommendations), followed by the introduction of a “pin” feature. 

Twitter Pin Info Image

One positive of this pin feature is that whichever tweet you pin to the top will stay there until you unpin it. Something else which is new to the personal profile is that some of your Tweets’ fonts may appear bigger than others. Tweets that have received more engagement will appear slightly larger, so that your audience can find your most popular content easily.

You may also notice that Twitter has made photos and videos a more prominent aspect of your profile. 
Twitter profile photos focus

It is the second menu item after Tweets. Twitter is obviously focusing on a more visual approach to engagement. Time will tell if audiences are happy with this more visual shift, or if the simplicity of the platform’s previous inception/s was what made users maintain their loyalty and which brought new users on board.

If you’re interested in engaging with your audience via social media or if you want to learn how to best use the new Twitter page layout, contact your local Account Manager to find out how Adcorp can help you find the best online solution.





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