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VIP Tour of Adcorp Auckland


Sometimes, there just aren’t enough words to express who we are, the fabulous work we do and how awesome we are – so I thought I’d show you instead. Welcome to the VIP Tour of Adcorp Auckland!  

Adcorp Auckland team: What a good looking bunchWe wouldn’t be capable of all the great work we produce without our hard-working team. Always smiling, we all pitch in to get things done, whether it’s pulling together a tender, brainstorming creative concepts, cleaning out the stationery cupboard or organising a few snacks for a Friday evening. I love working with these guys – it makes every day interesting, and there’s always a lot of laughs.


Auckland: the view speaks for itselfWe’ve got more than 50 volcanoes in Auckland, but Rangitoto is by far our favourite. It’s fairly common to catch yourself staring out the window, watching the harbour sparkle and the unmistakable shape of Rangitoto sitting dormant (thank goodness) on the horizon. It’s our inspiration Island!

Tony bianco pink high heel shoes: OMG shoes!

We love it when things arrive by courier – who is often greeted by cries of ‘yay, presents!’. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes (check my newest fav pair that arrived the other day) or collateral for our latest campaign, there’ll always be someone peering over your shoulder while you eagerly open the box!

  Adcorp Auckland office: We love Mac

It wouldn’t be the same here if we didn’t have our lovely design corner ladies. They constantly blow us and our clients away with the work they do – whether it’s a print campaign, a website design or an overall concept. They’re always smiling, always fashionable and always willing to do stuff for me last minute (the smile might be a little bit forced by then…) Thanks girls, you’re amazing! And look at those shiny Macs!

CD's: It's Friday, Friday..(thanks Rebecca Black)

On Fridays we do things differently! To get the creativity flowing, we have the Friday CDs (CDs, remember those?). Each week someone is tasked with bringing in their best (or is that worst?) selection of CDs from their younger days. There’s no shame here, anything goes – and who doesn’t like pretending they’re a teenager again?

  Adcorp Auckland team: Brainstorm coming through

We’re a pretty tight team, which means, more often than not, we all get involved when it comes to thinking up awesome ideas for our clients. A brainstorm in the boardroom may lead to a flurry of paper, lost whiteboard makers, some serious thinking faces, a bit of laughter… but we always find that pot of creative gold at the end of the rainbow

Mmmm, coffeeA world without coffee would be a cruel place indeed! The morning hasn’t truly started until the aroma of that perfectly blended flat white drifts through the office. And with the sun streaming through the windows, it makes for a pretty good start to the working day.


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Written by Pip Hansen.





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