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Adcorp’s Digital Launch

Adcorp's Digital Launch


Welcome to Adcorp!

We are proud and excited to say hello to you through our Website and Social Media platforms.

We can’t wait to tell you more about us, what we are working on, but more importantly to keep you updated on the latest trends, news and educational events we are running through our news & blog section.

How did we get here?

We took ourselves through the same process we take our clients! We researched, analysed the information, drew up recommendations and tested these against target audiences. Then with a final blueprint, we moved forward and built the website as well as developed the content for our social platforms.

The research phase was the most important, concentrating on:
  • The business requirements – What Adcorp as a business needed from the digital platforms.
  • The user requirements – Who will be coming to our platforms? What do they need when they get there? What is the call to action?
  • A market analysis – What are competitors doing? Who is best of breed here and overseas?
All of this research led to our recommendations which you can see the beginning of here today.

Where are we now?

As well as launching and we have also kicked off:
Yes, we have been busy!

Check out what is there now but do follow, like or friend us to stay up to date.

Social Media Strategy

Adcorp’s Social Media Strategies (internal and for our clients) are robust and have a focus on risk management and resource optimisation. Just like our clients, it was important for us to understand our audience first before jumping into the deep end.

The Adcorp strategy first of all, started with listening to conversations online and offline. We used Social Media Monitoring tools to find out where conversations are and what topics are being discussed.

Concentrating on the risk involved in the social landscape, we developed an internal Social Media Policy to sit along side of our other corporate HR Polices. This is a detailed terms and conditions style document but it is also accompanied by more visual and descriptive social media guidelines which provide information on how to engage with each platform. These provide our staff with the power to understand their role for Adcorp in the world of Social Media.

Each platform has a plan of how we are going to move forward together with tone of voice and community management resources, including conversation matrixes and ongoing monitoring and reporting.

Where are we going?

Our strategy provides us with a strong base for our platforms but the campaigns that sit on top of that strategy are the fun parts we can’t wait to be involved in. Our campaigns will be run to achieve one or more of the objectives below.
  • Attract – Campaigns to get the target audience to know about our platform/s and to visit
  • Engage – Campaigns to prompt people to interact with the platforms by providing their own content, liking/following, by commenting or by asking questions
  • Action – Campaigns that aim to get the user to take their engagement into the offline world. Our calls to action might be to get people to contact us, to subscribe to our email newsletter, etc
Graph: Attract, Engage, Action

Each one of these objectives above is just as important as another; however, our campaigns will usually aim to reach one target audience at a time and one objective from the list above.

Keep an eye on our platforms to see the creative techniques we use to reach our objectives.

Why are we doing this?

To start conversations of course! We hope that our content pushes you to think differently and inspires you to comment, reply, question or simply read our posts.

Thanks to everyone at Adcorp for their work in getting the platforms live but more importantly, thank you to you for reading.






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