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How to get your Site Working Harder for you - Adcorp's Checklist!



We’re often asked by clients for recommendations on how to improve their websites. Websites should be an ever-evolving entity; they should never be built and just left alone. There are technological advances happening in the digital world all the time and your website needs to constantly change to keep up or will quickly be out-of-date.

If your website is any part of your sales, database, branding, engagement or marketing strategies, you need to make sure it is current and the slickest it can be. If you are not engaging with your audience through your online presence, you can rest assured that your competitors will be!

If you are wondering if your website needs a refresh, take a look at your website and ask these simple questions:

Adcorp’s Website Checklist

1.    How does your website display on tablets and mobiles?

View your website on a tablet and then on your Smartphone. How does it look? Is it easy to use or do you have to scroll, squeeze and squint to get to the information and links you want? Have you considered creating a mobile version of your website or looked into Responsive Design?

The stats show that mobile browsing (tablet or Smartphone) is expected to overtake desktop browsing in the near future, so you need to provide a good user experience on these devices.

2.    Is it hard to update?

Nowadays the majority of websites are built in a Content Management System (CMS) and you should have access to the editable areas of your website. This should make it very easy to update copy, images, news items and events, etc. with minimal technical knowledge.

If you don’t have access to your website yourself or your CMS is hard to use, updating this set up will make a significant difference to how current your site is and give you more time to improve the site on an ongoing basis.

3.    What are your analytics stats telling you?

Everyone should have an analytics program on their website (most commonly Google Analytics).

Check out your website statistics, or shoot them to us so we can help you interpret them. Are users going to the pages and areas of the website that you want them to? Are users exploring your site for information or leaving after not finding what they are after? Are you steadily gaining visitors or have you been losing them over time?

All of this information will help you make the right decisions on improving the direction, design and structure for your website.

4.    How are your search engine rankings?

When you search for your site using your company name and then common search terms you think people would often use in search engines, where does your site appear? What about your competitors? Are they higher in the rankings than you?

There are many things you can do yourself to improve your search engine rankings and the higher you appear, the more traffic you will receive.

5.    Does your website accurately reflect you?

Are you proud of your website and happy to direct potential clients to it? Do you feel confident that users of your site will find what they are looking for? Does it convey what your brand is all about? Is it consistent with your branding to build brand recognition and make a lasting impression on your audience?

6.    Is your site integrated with social media?

With the undoubted power of social media, your website should work in harmony with your social platforms. They share a mutually beneficial relationship; driving traffic to each other and disseminating your information to different audiences through different formats.

Does your website have easy-to-find, clickable links to your company’s social media? How easily can your audience share your content and promote your brand on their social platforms? Do you display your social media’s recent activity, to attract connections and feed fresh and regular content to your site?

Hopefully this checklist gets you thinking and helps you critically review your current website.

If you are unsure of any of the terms used in this post or would like a more in-depth audit of your website - we’d love to hear from you!






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