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Any Excuse (or Good Cause) for CAKE!


Australia's Biggest Morning Tea
To say that the Brisbane office has a sweet tooth may be a bit of an understatement. With the exception of a strange few,  there is never a shortage of a sweet treat or five on any given day. And hey, it gets us through those days that don’t run quite as perfectly as Mad Men would have you believe.

But what we love even more is doing things for a good cause. A few of us just ran a MARATHON and raised a whopping $2,050 along the way for the Cancer Council Queensland.

So what could be better than combining two things we love, and having an excuse to bake and eat too?

We have some pretty special people at work, and they mean the world to us, so when there’s an Adcorpian we can help, we jump at the chance especially when there’s food involved!

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea - 21st May 2012

Who hasn’t heard of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea? Here in the Brisbane office we don’t need much of an excuse to get together for a feast, but doing it for a great cause makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and not just from the food.


One of Australia’s best-loved fundraising events, the Biggest Morning Tea plays a vital role in raising money towards the Cancer Council’s work in research, prevention and support. The Cancer Council also provides information and support for people affected by cancer. This especially hits home in our office as Linda, one of our fabulous Graphic Designers, lost her husband to cancer only recently. Some of our office even ran the Bridge 2 Brisbane on September 2, also raising money for the Cancer Council in memory of Paul Carling.

Hear & Say Cupcake Day -  23rd July 2012

Jenny is one of our amazing Graphic Designers working her magic in our studio. Her son Cooper was diagnosed as being hearing impaired when he was just two months old. He received his first hearing aids when he was three months old. On the same day they had their first meeting at the Hear and Say Centre.


It has been a rollercoaster ride since and it has finally been decided that Cooper would gain better access to speech with a cochlear implant. His hearing journey is about to start all over again.

Through hearing testing, speech therapy and mapping (fancy term for programming cochlear implants) Hear and Say give hearing impaired kids a great chance to lead a normal life. They also provide much needed support and counselling for the families of these kids.

The best thing about Hear and Say is that they don’t turn people away, if you can’t afford their service they take you in anyway. They get some money from the government and some from the parent contribution, but most of the money comes from fund raising.

So every year, our bakers in the Brisbane office get on board and bake their hearts out for little Cooper! Just look at some of the amazing creations!

RSPCA Cupcake Day - 20th August 2012

Katie only recently joined Adcorp, but from day one everyone knew that she had the biggest heart and loves animals above anything else (apart from maybe advertising!). She has always harboured a passion for their protection.

Cupcake Day is one of the leading fundraising days for the RSPCA, the animal welfare society that deals with close to 50,000 animals every year and survives with no government funding. Every year, Adcorp supports the RSCPA by sacrificing our wallets and waist lines for this great cause!


It definitely was a hit! To get an idea of exactly the wonderful things the RSCPA accomplishes, Katie shared a story.

Here is what she said:

“In April this year I was asked by RSPCA to foster a Border Collie X Staghound that had been seized by inspectors from a residence on Brisbane’s Bayside four week’s previous after being starved and beaten. Her name was Millie. They had told me on the phone that she was skinny before I made the trip to collect her from the Intensive Care Unit, but I was just not prepared for how skinny this poor dog was. She had begun to grow little hair after being malnourished for so long and you could feel every bone in her body. I don’t doubt for one minute that had the RSPCA not intervened, Millie would have been dead within the week.”

What do you think of our creations? Just quietly, they tasted pretty spectacular!! Please share your stories or any “must-have” cupcake recipes – because we love nothing better than an excuse to bake sweet treats!

If you’re feeling a little bit inspired or generous after reading this post, please donate for one of these great causes. Every $$ counts!!

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