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Adcorp Adelaide’s first blog - where to start!!!

We thought we would start with a blog about blogs - our favourite blogs and why we like them, so you can get to know some of our team and some of our interests. Enjoy our blog review!

Jeremy Carter

The Sentimental Bloke -

Jeremy Blogs

This is a blog for a professional photographer based in the Flinders Ranges, SA. It features great landscape photos of places I have spent weeks hiking through, and he often compares an area from one season to another. If it rains in summer in the Flinders, it’s spectacular and it’s huge, and his is the go-to blog to see the impact.

Mandy Van Kaathoven

Other Such Things -

Mandy blog

This is the blog of my best friend Jessica. She is an incredible photographer and all around amazing chick who is always up to date with the latest trends. I follow her blog religiously to find out news about the new hip places in Adelaide such as the Magazine Café and Gallery (off Hindley St).

Rhys Sandery

Open Spaces -

Glen blog

Glenn does lots of cool things to do with being outdoors and has done so for many years now. His blogs are a good mix of history, current events in climbing and equipment reviews and I like his style of giving the facts AND his opinion. He's been posting lots of old photos and trip diaries lately so it's made for an interesting read.

Crystal Mewett -

Crystal blog

I am so obsessed with this blog I also have the app on my iPhone so I can check in anytime! It is a street fashion blog where people post street-style fashion photography. While I don’t post myself, I love looking at the creative fashion choices from all over the world. It also gives me a bit of inspiration on the days I feel like I can’t find anything to wear!

Nereeda McInnes

Craig Harper -

Nereeda blog

I subscribe to the Craig Harper blog. I love his no bullsh*t and real approach to life, he doesn’t have a problem saying it how it is – and is also good at making you look at things in a different way!!

Kloe Ludovici

The Huggies Blogs -

Kloe blog

Being a first time expectant mum, it’s hard to prepare yourself for all the changes that you will experience in pregnancy. Huggies gives you a week by week breakdown of what to expect. Things like pregnancy tips, your physical and emotional changes week by week, and you baby’s changes for the week.

Karli Stanton

Trip Styler -

Karli blog

It’s got a great mix of style and travel tips on how to pack and prep for a trip, current travel trends, ideas for different types of trip styles such as sun, active, luxury etc, highlights on destinations, travel beauty tips and amazing photos.

Deb Schwartz

Thenailartstory –

Deb blog

I follow thenailartstory on Instagram (iPhone app). It is an instagramer that sources and finds interesting nail art designs. Always looking for inspiration for my own crazy nail art. The bolder and more outrageous the better!

Andy Stenton

Ski -

Andy blog

This is my personal favourite blog at the moment. If you’re addicted to mountains and snowsport (like me), this forum and blog space is a great community link. There’s always commentary running on almost everything to do with the scene – The forum also forms a great gateway to searchable blog sites, weather stations, travel planning, equipment etc etc. It’s just such a great source of current and relevant info.  And if you are right into the scene, you’ll find plenty of likeminded people engaging in the conversation. I love this blogspace, lots of engagement – It keeps me primed and ready for the next season. Bring on 2013!!!

Mel Sandery

A Wino’s Journey -

Mel blog

This is only new but it is my brother’s blog on wine. It’s his journey through exploring the wine industry and includes up and comers and how wine doesn’t have to be an old person’s snobby drink. 

By our Adelaide team.





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