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Building Envy and the Importance of NABERS Energy Ratings in Commercial Property Marketing

Building and Secruity cameras.


It was the city at its prettiest in a full dress rehearsal the night before the annual Vivid Sydney light festival and the stars were out on show for everyone to see. It was by pure luck I had stumbled across this spectacle and it was magnificent. I was visiting a friend who lives right next door to the Sydney Opera House in the apartments referred to as the toaster.

These apartments arguably have the best panoramic views of the Sydney CBD skyline, giving me the opportunity to see the wonderfully colourful, energy-hungry fluorescent and neon lights, spotlights, and large scale projections of the Sydney Vivid light festival.

While taking in the beautiful views I realised it had absolutely nothing to do with the growing importance of the NABERS energy rating in commercial property marketing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s a city that deserves to celebrate, and it only happens once a year (cough, cough).

The rest of the year property developers are focused on improving the NABERS Energy rating for their buildings. A high NABERS Energy rating translates into high brand values, social and corporate responsibility and savings on electricity. These benefits are passed on to the tenants and consequently leasing an office space with a high NABERS Energy rating has become one of the key search criteria for companies looking to catch the value of property developer investments.

It’s an exercise costing developers millions, and yet commercial property marketing is still to extend itself beyond the mandatory legislated requirements that office spaces for sale, or lease, over a certain size must include a NABERS Energy rating in the advertising material. Considering the substantial investments made toward improving the energy efficiency of commercial properties you would think the NABERS Energy rating would naturally become a feature selling point for the commercial property marketing strategy.

In the past few years a good NABERS Energy rating has become vitally important to attracting the right tenants, those with a social and corporate responsibility. It becomes part of the company brand, the company culture, it reduces overheads and most importantly, it actually is good thing for the environment.

So what is the best way to catch the value of the millions you spend on energy efficiency? How do you communicate this to your target markets?

Gone are the days when a commercial agent could simply list the availability of an office space and wait for a tenant to take the space. As the property market becomes increasingly competitive and tenants have the option to pick and choose the best office space available, property developers and commercial agents agree that commercial property marketing now requires much more thought.

Communicating the benefits of a commercial property with a high NABERS Energy rating now requires a thorough strategic approach that follows the tenant’s decision-making process from the initial enquiry stage through to signing the lease agreement. The communication needs to separate the benefits of the NABERS Energy rating into lighting benefits, water and general energy efficiencies throughout the process.

At Adcorp, we think the best way to communicate is an integrated approach including innovative digital mediums, traditional media placements, outdoor placements, direct mail, and a point of sale display suite that supports the overall strategy.

To find out more about strategic commercial property marketing and NABERS Energy ratings contact Adcorp Australia Sydney.

Shane Bradley, Business Development Manager

P.S - It was nice to learn that the major sponsors of the Vivid festival, Origin Energy play more than just a name on the poster role, working with the Sydney Opera House to improve the festival’s sustainability.

Vivid is powered with 10% green energy as supplied by Origin which saves up to 4 tonnes of greenhouse gas for the duration of the festival alone, amongst other eco-initiatives.





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