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Half Yearly Report & Accounts February 2011


Investor Announcement

Sales Turnover - $86.959M
Operating Revenue - $14.941M
Revenue Margin - 17 %
Net Profit After Tax attributable to the owners of Adcorp Australia Ltd - $0.771M
Dividend per share fully franked - 1cent

Read the original 28 February 2011 announcement.

Advertising and Communications Group Adcorp Australia Limited today announced a half year net profit after tax of $771,000. A dividend of 1c per share, fully franked, will be paid, the first since 2009’s interim payment.

The first half result under Adcorp’s new leader and CEO, Matthew Mellor, was achieved during ongoing conditions of recovery in the advertising and communications sector.

The operational and strategic efficiencies achieved following Adcorp’s recent restructure, coupled with a refreshed brand which launches to market today, provide significant opportunity for Adcorp to capitalize on new business activity with
refreshed brand assets, new talent and a revitalized operation.

Speaking of Adcorp’s H1 result, Mellor was encouraged…. ‘Our results continue to improve. The refreshed brand better represents Adcorp today and reflects our evolution over the past 28 years. Along with the honing of our skills across key areas such as creative, digital, strategy and media insights, we are positioned to secure our growth and future success.’

Trading conditions remain challenging though there are signs of improvement. The second half has started with a spate of significant natural disasters with floods in Queensland and Victoria and the Christchurch earthquake. In response, Adcorp
successfully deployed business continuity strategies to mitigate the worst effects of these events for clients and staff via rerouting of services, supply of additional resources, disaster recovery project planning, and intense client and staff care.
Trading in the second half however, may be affected.

Adcorp’s energy remains focused on new business opportunities, whilst delivering outstanding work to clients, fulfilling careers to staff, and ongoing value to shareholders.

For further information, view the Annual Report from FY2011.





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