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How to Embed Tweets

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There is a great tool to place Tweets within your website copy.

Embedding allows websites to generate copy and paste-able HTML, presenting a Tweet in a way that is attractive and display guidelines compliant.

It’s ideal to continue the conversation around a “hot topic” that began on Twitter, which you may wish to expose to your website/blog audience and encourage further discussion outside of the Tweetosphere.

Step 1:

Click the “Expand” option on the Tweet you wish to embed.

Click Expand

Step 2:

Click the “Details” option

Click Details

Step 3:
Click the “Embed this Tweet” option
Click "Embed this Tweet"

Step 4:

Choose your alignment for where you wish the Tweet to appear.

Step 5:

Choose either the HTML, Shortcode or Link options depending on your CMS needs and then copy and paste the necessary code on the backend interface i.e. page or post dashboard.

Choose HTML, Shortcode or Link

Remember to Save and check the links before promoting.

Natalee-Jewel Kirby, Digital Community Manager
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