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Like Your Ads to Reach Niche Audiences?

Facebook Insights: Response Graph


Facebook has grown up, big style. The social network has gone from college dorm start up to a bona-fide outlet that generates billions of dollars in advertising spend. Yes, believe it or not, those little adverts at the side of your news feed are big business.

So what’s the deal?

Marketers like to spend money on Facebook because it is measurable, has an engaged audience and it offers a way to target specific niches of people.

It’s the last point that’s really the kicker. Because everything users enter onto their profiles helps advertisers to deliver messages that are more suited to users.

Users voluntarily share information on their interests, their relationship status, their education, where they live, their age and their gender. Based on this information, Facebook serves adverts that have been tailored specifically for each user.

Basically, Facebook offers advertisers the chance to reach all sorts of people. It’s contextual advertising 101.

3 Examples of Facebook Adverts we have done for our clients:

Facebook ad

Facebook ad - NZ doctors

Facebook ad: Auckland Council

On top of an already incredibly granular and targeted approach, Facebook has recently relaxed the rules for advertising, allowing marketers access to email address, phone numbers and user IDs.

Furthermore, there have also been changes to the way you can post stories to your pages.

Currently, page or application owners are not able to send specific posts to the people who like their pages. And the upshot is that you have to tell all your followers everything. Which isn’t ideal, is it?

Scary? Yes, but this is all information that users give to Facebook, its not being taken from them.

As advertisers, we can make these changes work to our advantage. Here’s 3 ways to make the most of these future changes:

1. Compliment your newsletters or SMS campaigns
This is for those of you who already use products like Adcorp’s Admail to run eDM (Electronic Direct Marketing) campaigns, have an Applicant Tracking System or use CRM system. These tools will gather information, big databases of emails or phone numbers.  In the future, you’ll be able to take these and upload them to Facebook to find your audience on the social network, giving you a chance to extend your eDM campaign by running complimentary adverts or targeting just registered candidates.  

2. Segment your followers
Your followers follow you for different reasons. Although you may cater for their needs by sending out all sorts of different content, the trouble is that everyone receives it. So, say you make all sorts of shoes, from desert boots to high heels, and this week you’re releasing a new women’s running shoe. If you want to tell your Facebook fans then you’d have to tell everyone about it, rather than just the women who run. Now, with the planned changes, you can send the notification about the new shoe to the users of your choice.

3. Get ready for remarketing?
Okay, so this is pure speculation, but the addition of targeting via User ID may be a sign that Facebook is thinking about bringing out some sort of remarketing functionality. The best way to describe this is, say someone regularly visits your page but never likes it. Remarketing is a way of letting you serve adverts specifically to these people. The established Google Remarketing, for example, is likely to be the system that Facebook emulates. This is often used by retailers to reach people who put items in their online shopping cart but never actually complete the transaction. When they leave, the retailer then ‘follows’ these customers around the Google network showing them adverts to encourage them to complete the purchase.

A little bit stalker-esque? Sure, but it’s unbelievably effective. The benefit on Facebook is that you’ll be able to advertise to encourage specific behaviours. You’ll be able to target someone who hasn’t visited your page in a long time or reach the people who regularly comment. However, don’t hold your breath, remarketing is not coming anytime soon and Facebook offers no current way to collect User ID information. Just something to keep on the radar.

Want to know more about how to make Facebook and Social Media work for you? Or just want to chat about the latest Mark Zuckerberg gossip? Then give your friendly neighbourhood Adcorp a call.






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