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Office Doppelgangers


Doppelganger [dop-uhl-gang-er]

      1. A ghostly double or counterpart of a living person
      2. An evil twin
      3. A remarkably similar double
      4. A fantastic monster that takes the form of people, usually after killing them
      5. A bad movie in 1993 with Drew Barrymore

Okay, so I know that some of the definitions above are a bit much (number 4), but hey… it could happen.

Looking like someone else definitely has its advantages. I remember in high school I passed Year 9 Science because my teacher was convinced that I’d given him my end-of-term assignment, but it was actually the other overweight Asian kid. He even got me a B+… Thanks champ!

Passing Science is one thing, but having a doppelganger can be annoying at times. The last thing I want to hear while having a drink at the pub is “Has anyone ever told you, you look just like…”  "Really mate?… I might just go over there…talk soon."

So walking around the office I’ve noticed a few staff members who (in my opinion) share similarities to some famous (and not so famous) people. I’ve put together a collection below which in future, would love to add to. So have a look, discuss and most of all.. enjoy!

Written by Christian Baculo.






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