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Preparing for the Unexpected….!

Stepping on a banana


Having recently returned to the office after recovering from a major motorcycle accident, your perspective towards things you take for granted changes.  Disaster recovery and business continuity, two things that organisations often only pay lip service to are brought to front of mind quite dramatically, when being faced with the prospect of paralyses. Surrounded during my recovery with others much less fortunate than myself, has helped to gain a great sense of perspective and reinforce the need to expect the unexpected.

How many organisations have true staff capability duplication, written procedures for key activities, a technology platform with not only the built in redundancy but ability to function effectively without key staff members?

Having the privilege of working with a wonderful multi skilled team, with expertise spanning infrastructure, development and business solution delivery, provides us with the luxury of this capability which we’ve recently put to the test.

Products like Connect2 our industry leading online media booking, artwork creation and approval workflow solution; is one of the ways we are able to extend this capability to our clients. By  providing the facility to track and process their advertising requirements from a web browser, with the ability for approved colleagues and supervisors to view and process the work on their behalf,  advertising requirements can be handled by alternative staff should the originator be unavailable.

Aligned with this amongst other client solutions, we also provide hosted job board and applicant tracking system functionality, either seamlessly integrated into the organisations website, standalone career microsite or niche job board. This simplifies the process of talent acquisition, allows clients to leverage our robust infrastructure, and enables access to candidate details together with their full history to any authorised staff member.

Ensuring multiple levels of redundancy within our business processes and solutions is something we have front of mind, never take for granted and constantly review.

Written by Nick Belgrove.





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