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Social Media Statistics September 2012, Australia & New Zealand

Top 15 Social Meida SItes September 2012 - facebook, youtube, linkedin, twitter, flickr, tumblr, pinterest, word press, myspace, instagram, bebo, digg, foursquare, stumbleupon,


Spring has arrived in the Southern hemisphere! Has the warmer weather awakened us from our hibernation and social media comas?  Let’s see what the stats are for social media for the month of September.  

This month, we used data from traffic sources Alexa, Google Ad planner and Compete to calculate the figures. We also looked at the sources themselves for their reported statistics as well as independent articles.  

The top 15 sites haven’t seen any great shifts, with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn still at the top of the pack for both countries.

As usual, Google Plus data for Australia and New Zealand was difficult to come by. However, half way through the month the senior vice president of engineering at Google Plus, Vic Gundotra, announced that there were now over 400 million members globally. The platform has been criticized for the large amount of users that aren’t active; which has been confirmed by Gundotra’s statement that Google Plus has 100 million active monthly users.    

An interesting trend reported this month is the peak in popularity that Instagram has experienced on mobile devices. It now surpasses Twitter’s popularity on mobile devices as it has increased by nearly 9 times the numbers it had in March.

It should be noted that Twitter is not struggling – it increased by 24% over this period. Because they are, for the majority, based on mobile devices, online tools have had difficulty in registering the numbers for these platforms and this explains why the spike hasn’t been noted until now.

MySpace launched the new redesign of the platform in late September; it will be interesting to see how the numbers change over our next few monthly social media statistics updates.

What else do we know about social media?

Have you seen any interesting trends developing in social media? We would love you to share them with us – leave a comment below or contact us through your favourite social media platform.





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