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Stranger than Fiction


Melenie Ambrose
Once upon time, there was a girl. A girl with big dreams borne from politically incorrect storybook fantasies. After realising in this day and age that it was highly impractical to become a Princess, she did the next best thing - became a journalist. With no pot of gold, tiara or pumpkin carriage, she forged her own path. Starting out in commercial radio in the 80’s, she met her fair share of wolves in sheep’s clothing, but was tickled pink to read news in prime time slots with such radio legends as John Burgess and Lionel Yorke. She even got to meet Princess Diana.

The hallowed halls of the ABC soon beckoned and after a stint in radio (in which she got to meet the Queen), Melenie took a flying leap into television. There she felt right at home. A television addict from a young age, she was transfixed with The Box and its ability to make you laugh and cry along with those inside it. Current Affairs and the 730 Report were next as Melenie waved her magic wand to report on everything from dancing dogs to the demise of Alan Bond. Still feeling the need tap into her inner Princess, Melenie headed to London.

There she visited castles, met a few frogs charading as Princes and became a Producer for documentaries on the BBC, NBC, ITV and Discovery Channel. Always yearning to work in advertising, a place where magic REALLY happens, her dreams came true back home in Perth with an invitation from the dashing Matt Anderson at Adcorp to produce a video for International Women’s Day. The DVD (with a few cameos from family and friends) was a resounding success, so much so Adcorp was invited back to do it all again the following year, this time at the ever so regal Government House.

Since then, there’s been exciting projects a plenty. Among them, a recruitment campaign for the WA Police Department in which Melenie turned a neighbour’s house into a “crime scene”, got a good friend “arrested” and her brother-in-law “interrogated” by drug squad police. Keeping it in the family, Melenie used her niece in an ad for Finbar apartments and another neighbour’s heritage-listed property as a backdrop for an ANZAC Day ad. So, if you’re reading this and know Melenie, it is only a matter of time before she comes knocking for you, your house, your child or your pet. Then you too can be as famous as any royal. And trust me, she’d like that.

By Melenie Ambrose. 





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