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the Wellington Best Venue Competition


Read the arguments from the Wellington team then vote for your fave in the comments section below!

Sweet Mother's Kitchen - The best thing since sliced bread

Wellington food collage

We love this gorgeous little eclectic place that transports us to New Orleans with a hint of Mexico, serving traditional home style cooking with Cajun and Creole dishes, along with Mexican snacks. Our hot favourites are the curly fries (to die for!!) and the Po Boy Sandwiches, (especially the pulled pork – superb!!!) And we love their all day breakfast too!!  


My New World Chicken Wing Dings

Wellington food collage

My favourite lunch is these spicy chicken nibbles called chicken wing dings. They're 78% real chicken which is more than a normal chicken nowadays. Each 'wing ding' is coated in a spicy concoction of herbs, flour, emulsifiers and 'special flavourings' for that extra kick. To top it off, I'll have a green salad with a red wine vinaigrette dressing. I will usually wash it down with fresh OJ or a New Zealand favourite fizzy beverage known as L&P, or Lemon and Paeroa. Aah….. refreshing!


Kapai - Healthy Salads and Meals with a strong dose of 'Kiwiana'

Wellington food collage

I’ve picked Kapai as my favourite lunch place. I’m a creature of habit so I’m pretty sure the staff know I’m going to say one of two things when I walk in the door - “Roasted kumara, feta and cashew wrap please” or “Gee it’s cold today, Mexicano baked potato thanks!” And there’s a little secret for the brave; their chilli chocolate mocha is amazing! Three little ingredients that is sure to provide a 3pm pick-me-up.


Catch Sushi - The tantalizing dishes mesmerize you

Wellington food collage

There is always the chance to try something you haven’t eaten before, though my all time favourite is the smoked eel – delicious!


Enigma - I'm far too mainstream to ever attend an indie bands gig...

Wellington food collage

I wouldn't buy a Jamaican flag coloured hacky sack either, so 'Enigma' is where I go for a shot of indie. The walls are covered in aerosol art and gig posters, the girl at the counter although stunning has a partially shaved head and there’s a ceiling fan, which in Wellington surely serves no functional purpose other than to look cool. Even if the coffee wasn’t good I’d still come here.


Ora - Why I love Ora Cafe

Wellington food collage

Your hot drink always comes with a caramel or jaffa – mine often comes with a few extras :-) The sun pours through their windows in summer and when the weather turns nasty, its only 3 seconds in it to get next door to ORA. The staff are lovely, the couches are comfy, the yummy food is gluten-free and the different local art surrounding you is always changing. 


Sweet Mother's Kitchen, My New World Chicken Wing Dings, Kapai, Catch Sushi, Enigma, Ora or add another option to the list? Comment below to vote for your favourite.






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