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Top 10 Employment Marketing Trends

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With the exception of royalty, the stars of  The Housewives of OC/Atlanta/Beverley Hills and Brangelina’s kids, we will all want to find a job at some point in our lives.
So how do we find that job? Have our methods changed over time? Is the way you found your first role different to how you would look for a role now?
Every one of you reading this will have different answers to all of the questions above. Why? Aside from the way we search for jobs the fact is  we all want different jobs, at different stages of our life, have different skills and have different things that influence our career decisions.
So how do employers get our attention, and vie for the cream of the crop to come to click on that “Apply” button, like you on facebook or join your interest group on LinkedIn?
From our experience we believe the most important and effective way to save money, time and reach the right audiences first go is….
Drum roll please….

 1 – Research!

Graduate iconResearch is a 'trend' that is going to be around forever. Why? Because of the fragmented way we all live, consume media and technology! So we need to know where, what and how we can reach the people we want to come and work with us. What better way to find out how to connect with them than to talk to the people to find out what media they consume, the technology they use and when, and more importantly what will lure them to talk to you.

This is easy done by chatting to the current stars in your company through to doing more in depth quantitative and qualitative processes.

So ask some questions but more importantly – listen to the answers.

So now we know how to connect with our talent and we’ve gone to market to lure them we need to look at the second thing. Its just as obvious but not as appreciated as it should be and that is….

2- Analysis

Test tubes iconToday online advertising and response rates are completely trackable. We know who clicked, who read, who interacted and who applied. We can follow the potential candidate’s journey through every step of their interaction with you as a future employer.

So after the campaign is finished, look at those stats and learn from the activity. If it’s not working mid-campaign we can change and monitor performance. Then the next time when similar roles or skills are required, you have an arsenal of experience to back up your decisions and investments. A marketers dream!!!
Once we know who we want to reach, where they are and what topics they are interested in, some trends that work are:

3- Tools

compass iconGive the potential star a tool, calculator, quiz, test or something they can play with to interact with your brand. If they have specific skills or experience, test them on it! Use it as a screening tool to see if they fit your culture, have the talent for the role or entice them to want to learn more about the employment experience you’re offering. Remember in some segments like graduates its tough to find the right ones so allowing them to experience what’s on offer in a fun engaging way will position you as the place to be.

Potential employees of some demographics crave recognition as a thought leader; they want to compete and to test their skills. If that is who you are trying to reach – give them a challenge to position your brand as the innovative employer who pushes their staff to be best in breed.  

4- Helpful content

laptop iconSo your website has a list of the roles available, a bit about your company and some contact details. Give the visitor more!

Simple things like advice on their CV, outline the employment process, tips for their interview – any kind of helpful advice or information will position you as a leader against your competition. This will not only impress your applicant but if the content is on your website you will rank higher in search engine results for those topics potentially reaching new audiences.

5- Employment branding


In the past, when certain industries were booming, companies aimed to get large numbers of job applications. Nowadays we need to focus more on quality applicants with the specific skills required for the role.

Having a consistent employment brand that reaches and engages the target audience is a way to position your brand above your competition. We are all fighting for the same people to move over to our team. Depending on your audience, an employment brand can position you in a way that attracts that target. It can get their attention and tap into those key influencing factors that will lead them to making a decision.

6- Experiential techniques

science iconPeople want to know what it is like to work for a company before actually having to work there… As a brand, we need to give potential candidates a sneak peak into our world to entice them to want to see more. Giving them the “interactive <insert brand name here> experience”!

Depending on the target audience, there are hundreds of creative ways to achieve this. A couple of good examples are:

  • Open days to ask questions and talk to people that already work for the brand

  • Behind the scenes content – images, video, stories

  • Question & answer sessions with current team members (website integrated live chat, webinars)

  • Social media tools – applying through a social network with social proofing techniques

  • And many more

7- Video

microscope iconSo I mentioned video above, I know. But video is SO important. Of course users feel more connected to the brand to watch videos and they can portray the “exclusive content” and “behind the scenes” feel to attract specific audiences.

There are lots of advantages to engaging users with video content. But they also rank really well in Google search results. A strong video with a compelling title and keyword-rich descriptions can drive users straight to your YouTube channel to interact with your brand and then be presented with a wonderful “Apply now” button ready for their click.

8- Targeted advertising

cell iconUse the insights you uncovered!!!

Brands used to place an advertisement in the newspaper and expected that everyone would see it. Now people aren’t going straight to the Saturday paper for the careers section. They are looking online and through various new avenues and networks. In Digital land we can track where people are, what websites they are looking at and how often, as well as listen to conversations and interact directly with job seekers. Placing an advertisement for a role in a location where our target audience is visiting is invaluable.

The more targeted your campaign, the greater click through rates and then the greater number of suitable applications will come through.

9- Social Media Communities

element iconNow this is one technique close to my heart as a Digital Strategist! And I think I need to write another blog post just about this topic.

If your audience are using social media regularly, find out what platforms they use, when they use them and how they use them. You can even find out what communities they are a part of already. Then after backing yourself with an internal social media policy, an appropriate tone of voice that reflects your brand and other risk management tools, go in and become apart of those communities. Above all – Listen! Listen, listen, listen.

Then once you are confident and comfortable, enter as an equal in the group. Why not ask a question? Build trust and gather connections back to your own social media platforms. These connections will be with you and your brand for future roles.

10- Long term relationships

DNA iconYou probably know which roles you need to recruit for regularly. You probably know which roles are tough to hire for and you are dreading the time when you have to start that process again. Why not start now? Using the social media communities and other tools, you can build relationships with these candidates so when you do have to fill a role, you already have a network you can tap into.

Another tool which is essential for building those relationships is an applicant tracking system (ATS). Make sure you keep a log of all the people that applied for roles, how their application went, notes on their interviews, etc. This information will save you countless hours in the future!

Wow, so there is lots going on in this area. Stay tuned to the Adcorp Blog to read more posts from the Adcorp experts in this field by subscribing in the form on the right.

Let us know in the comments below what specifically you want to learn more about!

Now… how do I become royalty?…

Kathleen McGovern – Adcorp Head of Digital





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